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His Destined Path Chapter 3109

Chapter 3109

Although the energy shield was directly broken after it hit his steel teeth.

But the good thing was that the protection of the energy shield at least allowed Han Qianqian not to be injured at this moment.

As soon as he entered, he had barely reacted when he felt himself falling into a slippery pit, and as a force pushed him, his whole body slid all the way down completely uncontrollably.

He tried to grab onto whatever he could around him to bring his body to a halt, but all around him was a sticky liquid and there was nothing to help him.

In addition, although the ice on his feet had been bitten off, a section of it was still holding his feet in place, making it difficult for Han Qianqian to move.

The air around him was filled with the stench of decay, which not only made it impossible to breathe, but even tears were streaming from his eyes.

He hurriedly used his true energy to raise a strong energy, holding up a fire, and everything around him, too, became much clearer at once.

All around him were walls of unbelievably hard flesh, with hard armour on top of them, and then the outermost layer was a thick, sticky goo.


With a loud bang, Han Qianqian finally landed on the ground. The huge impact directly knocked Han Qianqian to the ground, and the ice on his feet instantly exploded and scattered all over the ground.

Han Qianqian forced himself to endure the pain, supported himself and used the fire in his hands to shine around him.

This was an immense space, unlike the previous walls, the walls here were almost all stone walls like blue and grey stone, which were hard and indestructible just by looking at them.

On the green and grey stone, there were countless green sticky liquids stuck to it.


A drop of liquid landed on top of Han Qianqian’s scattered ice blocks, and a sound was heard as the ice blocks emitted a puff of green smoke and turned into a pool of boiling water.

Han Qianqian frowned, and subconsciously reflected.

This was in the stomach of the giant fish, and the green juice must be the gastric juice used for corrosion and digestion.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian hurriedly used his true qi.

Almost at the same time, a lot of green juice suddenly seeped out from the ground.

As Han Qianqian carefully dropped the juice on top of him, he flew up and landed in mid-air, looking at his feet, which were already filled with a sea of green, with no way to get down.

“sh*t!” Han Qianqian cursed, and then raised his eyes to the top of his head, which was also full of green juice hanging above his head, and could fall down at any time.

This was difficult.

If he couldn’t go up, he couldn’t go down, so staying in the air was obviously not an option.

Moreover, with the appearance of the green juice, the whole space began to be filled with an unpleasant smell of gas.

Even though the toxicity of the gas was nothing to Han Qianqian, the stench was so bad that it made Han Qianqian feel his stomach churning.

Moreover, if Han Qianqian was correct, these gases should also be the same as those liquids, full of corrosive properties.

It was important to get out of here as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Han Qianqian was not sure if he would be smothered to death or corroded cleanly as time went on.

However, the opening in front of him was almost closed, and the exit below was completely covered by the green liquid, and it was unknown whether it was as directly closed as the one in front of him, so these two places were almost sealed off.

The only possibility was still to break through the wall and get out.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian flew to the flesh wall on one side and carefully observed the greenish-grey flesh wall, thinking that he didn’t even need to try, just by observing it up close, Han Qianqian almost had some intention of giving up the idea completely.

It was a steel stone, and the thickness of it was very large, as could be seen through the gaps.

To add insult to injury, the jade sword was sacrificed to save the old man, and Han Qianqian was too late to retrieve it before it was swallowed, so now he has no tools to test the strength of the wall.

With a depressed sigh, Han Qianqian’s divine sense entered the storage space and tried to find a weapon that he could use for the time being among the Four Dragons’ Treasures.

Honestly speaking, after being used to swords, something like a large sword would not be suitable, and various heavy weapons such as hammers were even less of a consideration.

Short weapons such as daggers were also completely out of the question, being too short and obscene to use.

But other than that, there seemed to be no weapons that would fit the hand, and for a while it was all gold and jade, so I didn’t know what to choose.

Suddenly, Han Qianqian’s gaze fixed slightly and his eyes went to a strange and incomparable object ……