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His Destined Path Chapter 3110

Chapter 3110

In that pile of treasures full of golden glittering mountains, perhaps because a large pile had been given out before, at this moment there was one contraption revealed among the mountains of general treasures, and it was exceptionally chic compared to the other treasures.

Of course, this chic is with a certain insult.

It was as if you had found an unbelievably ugly one among beautiful women.

Not only does it lack the golden glow of a gold object, it also lacks the colour of a jade object, and is as black as if it had just been plucked from the coal.

The body was stick-shaped, but not very long, about a metre long, like the length of a sword.

“What is this thing?”

Han Qianqian looked at this fellow and was quite intrigued.

This was perhaps a case of eating too much big fish and meat, and suddenly having a little green vegetable, which was extraordinarily absorbing and striking.

“Dragons like gold, silver and jewellery, I’ve never heard of them liking black ones, how did this get mixed in?”

Han Qianqian frowned while his hand moved slightly, and in a flash, the black thing flew directly from the spatial ring to Han Qianqian’s hand.

As soon as it entered his hand, Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed even more.

What was this thing?

It was very light, not even as light as a piece of iron, and Han Qianqian even felt that it was made of plastic.

The top was bulbous, not to mention that it could be used to stab a wall, even if it was used to stab a person, it would be too painful. If we were to say what it was like, Han Qianqian felt that it was a bit like a burning stick.

When the head of the stick came into contact with the wall, there was a crisp thud, and it really wasn’t anything.

“Forget it.”

Han Qianqian barred his mouth in boredom, not knowing how he had ghosted this thing out and run off to use it in boredom.

Casually tossing it to the bottom, Han Qianqian’s divine sense re-entered his spatial ring, intending to find a new weapon that he could use.

However, just as Han Qianqian was looking for one, at that moment, a strange sound and a somewhat peculiar smell suddenly reached his ears and nose.

The smell was not just the stench of green liquid, but more like the feeling that you were burning some rubbish and someone was keeping the fire tightly covered.

Just one whiff and you instantly had a whiff of the topsy-turvy stench.

“What stinks like that?”

Han Qianqian looked for the smell, listened to the sound, and looked down.

At this time, several meters below the feet of the green liquid where, is gurgling bubbles, as if there is something was put inside to cook.

“Isn’t that place …… the same place where you threw that black thing in yourself?” Han Qianqian frowned slightly and could not help but say strangely.

“Miscellaneous things?” Han Qianqian looked over, could it be that it was still corrupted by the green juice?

But just as Han Qianqian looked over in a daze, all of a sudden, those gurgling water bubbles fiercely stopped, and the entire surface of the green juice tended to calm down.

“That’s it?” Han Qianqian said groggily.


“Holy sh*t!”

There was a violent explosion, accompanied by Han Qianqian’s shocked shout, and the entire green juice suddenly exploded.

In a flash, the green juice flew across the sky, and Han Qianqian hurriedly used his true energy to support a barrier.

It was a big splash!

Countless green juice hit the barrier, and even the barrier supported by true energy was flickering under its corrosion, so it was clear how strong this thing was.

“sh*t!” Although Han Qianqian dodged it, he still had palpitations, if he had been a little slower and gotten these things on him, he would have really had a lot to drink.

But, more than that, what Han Qianqian cared about was, what happened to this thing? Why did it explode for good reason?

But before Han Qianqian could think about anything else, he suddenly sensed that something was wrong, and a stern, cold intent seemed to be racing towards him.

What was it?

Looking up suddenly, Han Qianqian was dumbfounded.

A black, ungainly stick was rushing towards him at a great speed, after circling in the air ……