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His Destined Path Chapter 3111

Chapter 3111

“What the hell is this?”

Han Qianqian was both shocked and dumbfounded, wasn’t this the burning stick he had just thrown away? sh*t, it hadn’t been corrupted?

Moreover, how come it was still coming towards him?

With his mind full of questions, Han Qianqian moved his hands, using his true energy, and with a violent movement in his hands, he directly blocked the black stick that was rushing towards him.

As he turned back, the stick came to a halt and turned its head back towards Han Qianqian and came at him once again.

“Still coming?”

Han Qianqian was depressed, and after reaching out to block it again, his right hand also used another stream of true energy at the same time, and suddenly, the Heavenly Fire reappeared.

The jade sword could not be brought in, but the heavenly fire moon wheel was still with him!

This time, Han Qianqian no longer blocked it as he had just done, but directly reached out with his left hand and put his true energy into the air against the burning stick.

“Attacking me again and again, you’ve gone too far.” Han Qianqian finished at the black stick, and the Heavenly Flame struck fiercely.


The flames flared wildly and wrapped right around the entire black small stick.

Han Qianqian looked at the black stick indifferently, grandmother, if the tiger didn’t show off, he really thought he was a sick cat.

However, this indifference only lasted for a short while, because he soon discovered to his dismay that even when the incomparably hot heavenly fire was burning wildly against that guy, he was still not moved at all.

It was really strange.

Is it really a burning stick?

It is really not afraid of fire?

The stick was ignited without Han Qianqian is not sure, but sure is his inner curiosity is ignited at this time.

He was about to leave it intact and observe it carefully.

But suddenly a strange force came between his left hands, and it knocked Han Qianqian’s true energy back a few meters, and when Han Qianqian was just about to gather his true energy again and hit it back, suddenly an extremely strong flame emanated from the stick, and it went all the way past the true energy and came directly towards Han Qianqian’s left hand.

“What?” Han Qianqian was shocked and subconsciously wanted to use his right hand to resist, but when the flame was about to reach him, he suddenly realised that something was wrong.

The temperature of this fire, the colour of this fire!

sh*t, no, this was his own f*cking heavenly fire!

Han Qianqian was shocked, and he didn’t dare to slow down in the slightest, hastily transforming into Heavenly Flame again and fiercely returning the attack.


The two almost identical flames instantly collided, and the resulting extremely powerful explosion even sent Han Qianqian bouncing several meters away.

“sh*t, that fierce?”

Han Qianqian steadied himself and was horrified, it was clearly his own Heavenly Flame, but it was actually used against him, but that was fine, but what was outrageous was that it was used to such an extreme, it was even more perverted than using his own Phase-less Divine Skill.

“You little thing, what the hell is it?” Han Qianqian took a strange look at this guy, and after the rush pa*sed, he was filled with more curiosity instead.

The playful Han Qianqian even forgot about the danger of his own situation at this moment, so he simply moved his true energy in his hand, scattering the heavenly fire and resurrecting the moon wheel.

D*mn it, fire can’t kill you, motherf*cker, what about electricity?

“Go!” With those words, the Moon Wheel lunged forward with a purple and blue light.

At once, the small black stick was jagged with electricity, and immediately after the moon wheel’s purple lightning jumped, everything disappeared, and Han Qianqian could feel from the energy in his left hand that the small black stick suddenly didn’t have the slightest impact either.

The anti-foil became almost the same as when it was first taken out.

Han Qianqian could not help but frown, this is the solution?

It’s really not afraid of fire, but of electricity!

With the previous experience, this time Han Qianqian was not in a hurry to withdraw the energy, and even the moon wheel between his right hand was still regrouping so that he could be ready to deal with any unexpected situation.

However, it seemed that he had been paranoid.

That little black stick, not to mention attacking himself, would have fallen straight down if he hadn’t been controlling it with his energy.

But just when Han Qianqian had this thought, suddenly, the little black stick suddenly changed ……