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His Destined Path Chapter 3112

Chapter 3112

An electric light fiercely flowed, but faded away again in a flash, and in the next second, the small black stick suddenly seemed to have a purple-blue sheen as it fiercely attacked towards Han Qianqian again.

“I’ll take your sister!” Han Qianqian shouted strangely, this product is as if it has a consciousness, and it will also steal the snooze and hit the tip, he has obviously prepared himself, but it can still wait for himself to relax again suddenly attack, let people are clearly defenceless ah.

Although Han Qianqian was a bit frazzled, but after all, he had not been too lax in his defenses. While his left hand was able to stabilize the situation, the Moon Wheel that had been concealed in his right hand attacked directly on the spot.


The Moon Wheel arrived again, and the purple and blue lightning fiercely wrapped itself around the small black stick once again.


Almost at the same time, a surge of purple lightning also fiercely emerged from the small black stick, blasting directly at Han Qianqian.

“Can you really still play like that?”

Han Qianqian was dumbfounded. If he attacked it with fire, it would attack him with fire, and if he attacked it with electricity, it could also attack him with electricity?

With a lift of his right hand, he transformed into a moon wheel and directly dissolved the purple lightning it attacked.

He was observing, observing what exactly this strange little black stick was that it could actually play with itself like this.

So if he f*cked it with Chaos power, would it also f*ck itself with Chaos power?

As Han Qianqian kept a safe distance to observe it, it also stayed in the air, using the head of its stick as if it was observing Han Qianqian in general.

One person and one stick, you looked left, I looked left, you looked right, I looked right, the atmosphere was unspeakably awkward and the scene was unspeakably odd.

“Hey, what the hell are you?” Han Qianqian looked for half a day, but he himself was not sure why he had suddenly opened his mouth and asked a question towards a small black stick.

However, just as Han Qianqian thought to himself how foolish he was for running to ask a little black stick a question, the little black stick suddenly and unbelievably moved.

It stood upright in mid-air, like a little man standing there, and then, twisting its body to the left and twisting its waist to the right, it looked as if it was showing off its muscles across from Han Qianqian.

“Nimrod, you can still f*cking understand my words?” Han Qianqian stared at the little black stick with incomparable astonishment.

Not only did it understand, it could even make movements to show provocation, which was outrageous, right?

If Han Qianqian remembered correctly, when he first came into contact with this little black stick, he had not only studied it carefully, but had also touched it.

Not only was the material ordinary, there wasn’t even the slightest fluctuation of aura, and from what he saw at the time, it was really something that could barely be used as a burning stick, something that could not be more ordinary.

Who would have thought that in just a few moments, this item actually ……


Suddenly, just when Han Qianqian was depressed, the little black stick but suddenly the body straight, the next second like an arrow towards Han Qianqian fierce attack.

“You b*****d ……” shouted a depressed voice, Han Qianqian frowned at once.

The little black stick’s speed was so oddly open that even the air was completely torn and pulled, except that the air on either side of him was now a converted fire-red on one side and a crazy purple-blue on the other.

Fire and electricity on both sides!

That guy was actually like Han Qianqian’s usual jade sword, which came with its own little heavenly fire moon wheel blasting in.

Han Qianqian suddenly had an unusually strange and unusually familiar feeling for a moment, everything was familiar, but the shift in position was so unfamiliar.

“D*mn you.”

What made Han Qianqian even more frantic was that he felt rather like he was being stolen out of existence at this moment.

If Han Qianqian looked like a thief because of his Phase-less Divine Skill, then now, he was a thief who had met a robber, and this robber was even more direct than a thief in that he had stolen all your wool.

Faced with this sudden attack, Han Qianqian wanted to use his energy to resist directly, but as soon as he moved his true energy, he seemed to sense that something was wrong.

D*mn it, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel had been copied once, if he used another one, would he still get screwed by this one?

Han Qianqian was hesitant, and as it was about to rush in front of him, he finally gritted his teeth and turned away from it, choosing to dodge as a guard and avoid its edge.

With Han Qianqian’s speed, he was able to dodge it, and as he slightly undertook to turn around, the little black stick brushed against Han Qianqian’s shoulder and skimmed directly over ……

But it seemed to notice that Han Qianqian had dodged it, and almost at that moment, it sent Han Qianqian a surprise ……