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His Destined Path Chapter 3113

Chapter 3112

“Poof ……”

Only a strange sound was heard, followed by the stick suddenly popping out of its body in a cloud of thin green stuff, like some kind of jet fighter, and spraying Han Qianqian straight in the face.

“sh*t!” Han Qianqian cursed and used the energy barrier in his hand to block the shredded stuff it spewed out, and his body flew backwards.

A soldier can be killed, not humiliated, it’s okay for it to sneak up on him, but using this f*cking method is really a bit humiliating ……

However, just when Han Qianqian was very depressed, he suddenly noticed that the green stuff that was spewed out by it like poo was actually ……

It was actually the green liquid on the ground.

“sh*t, no?” Han Qianqian frowned, he naturally wouldn’t forget that this guy had been thrown into the green juice by himself when he first came out.

Then he connected it to the fact that now this fellow was actually able to use the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel even after being attacked by himself with it.

A strange thought was born in Han Qianqian’s mind.

“Is it hard to believe that you play like this?”

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian directly renewed his luck in his hands, and a small force of chaos was held in his hands.

Looking at the small black stick that pa*sed through and came back to kill, Han Qianqian did not choose to defend this time, but instead took the initiative to rush forward, “Just try and see.”

With those words, Han Qianqian’s body instantly transformed into countless residual shadows, which abounded throughout the space on the way to travel.

Not to mention the little black stick, even if it was a person at this moment, he would definitely be confused by this guy’s countless residual shadows, not knowing exactly where his figure was.

Suddenly, while the little black stick was still buried in his head and heading towards Han Qianqian’s position, Han Qianqian’s figure suddenly appeared beside the little black stick and charged forward together with him in a side-by-side manner.

The little black stick’s body visibly trembled, probably taken aback. After all, the direction of Han Qianqian’s residual shadow should have been heading towards him, but now it had bizarrely come directly parallel to him.

This meant that Han Qianqian’s speed was far, far too fast.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, and his hand with the power of Chaos faintly tapped the little black stick, “You’re too slow.”

When he opened his eyes, he was already standing in mid-air on the other side, turning around and looking at the little black stick.

The next second, a gas suddenly dispersed from within the black stick, and its entire body was lit up like gunpowder, and with a swish sound, the speed of the creature increased several times.

If Han Qianqian’s speed was the difference between an adult and a child, then today, the little black b*****d’s speed was not equal to Han Qianqian’s, but it was definitely not too far behind.

“You fellow, indeed!” Han Qianqian’s face also stared, as he had expected, even if he used the power of chaos to deal with it, this fellow would still clock himself in a minute.

It was obvious that it was not as easy to deal with this creature as he had thought before, and any force used to attack it would be absorbed by it.

If it could not directly break the support range of the Phantomless Divine Energy, then any more skills would not be harm but help to it.

Although it was inevitably vastly different from the Phase-less Divine Technique, the principle was somewhat similar, except that the Phase-less Divine Technique was copying and pasting, but it was just turning it into its own use.

When he thought of this, Han Qianqian smiled and faced this guy’s sprint, this time, Han Qianqian simply did not even move a bit.

It seemed to be just like a human being to suddenly do so, but it was on guard, afraid that Han Qianqian would take something to undermine it.

But the next second, it seems to have decided that Han Qianqian will not have any threat to him, the body suddenly all the way, as previously provoked Han Qianqian, left bending, right twisting, a look like a human to show muscle general.

Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously, a bit interesting.

This is quite a thief, not only know how to prevent himself from being undermined, but also know how to use this way to provoke Han Qianqian’s anger.

In order to achieve the purpose of attacking the heart.

“Interesting.” Han Qianqian smiled grimly.

After the little black stick was displayed, the next second it directly accelerated violently and came straight at him.

But almost a few when the little black stick was about to get close, Han Qianqian suddenly moved in his hand, a huge axe directly pulled out, the little black stick a look at that thing, immediately scared to turn around and run ……