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His Destined Path Chapter 3187

Chapter 3187

“What’s that?”

Everyone’s attention apparently also happened to be completely caught, and Xia Wei immediately looked through that cracked gap and barely seemed to see some part of the object in the bag.

But the crack was somewhat small and she didn’t quite dare to be sure.

Without waiting for any answer from Han Qianqian and the others, one of the two men holding the ladder came down and took over the job of holding the cart so that the man holding the cart could let go.

The man did not sit idly after letting go of the hand, but instead, with great skill, he dragged out a shiny machete from directly underneath the cart with a snort.

The blade was nearly eighty centimetres long and about a card wide, with an incomparably sharp blade.

Without any further ado, he raised his hand and aimed it at the object in the bag and slashed it violently.


With a loud bang, the bag was instantly cut into two without any “struggle”.

The cut was sharp and neat, and the crowd could finally see from the completely broken cut that the bag contained meat.

At least, what the two cuts showed was meat.

“So, those are blood and water?” The pierced beetle muttered from the side.

When this boiled bones, because the bones had marrow, there would be a layer of grease floating on the soup as a result, and when cooking some raw meat, because the meat contained blood, the soup would be stained red as a result.

This is something that the mountain beetle does not particularly understand, but having watched Han Qianqian cook, he naturally knows a little about it.

Han Qianqian even boiled the raw meat in water for a while, a practice called “overwatering”.

However, even though it was called over-boiling, it was the first time he had seen it done in such a way that it was all bloody.

If you don’t bleed a f*cking pig, you probably can’t even boil so much blood, right?

Xia Wei’s side obviously also saw the meat, however, she looked back at Han Qianqian and the old man, but saw that at this moment the two were frowning, not saying anything at all, quite serious.


At that moment, the big man was about to start his knife again, perhaps because the iron plate was too slippery, or because a cut had shaken the orientation of the bag.

The lower part of the bag, which had been cut off, suddenly slid right off the cart.

But when it fell off, the bag that was attached to it accidentally hooked itself onto a bump on the wheel of the crate, and the contents of the bag fell out and rolled to the ground.

The pangolin and Xia Wei were the closest and subconsciously tried to reach out to help the workers pick them up, but when they suddenly bent down, they were frozen in place.

Both of them turned pale almost simultaneously, their eyes staring at the object on the ground with dead eyes.

And the object on the ground was also staring at them intently at that moment.

“This ……”

Even as a man, but at this time, the piercing beetle could not help but shiver slightly.

What was on the ground was not pork, mutton, or any other meat, it was …… clearly the half of a man’s body.

The skin on his body had long been bloodless because it had been cooked, and the pair of wide, staring eyes had lost their luster from the boiling, but were still staring at them with a deadly stare.

Because of the fall, cooked entrails were scattered all over the place where he would have been cut ……

“Ugh!!!” Xia Wei dry-heaved and tried to vomit straight away on the spot.

“sh*t, you guys!” The pangolin also snapped its head up and looked angrily at the four men.

At this moment, at this moment, thinking back to the bags of stuff hanging on that iron hook, now thinking about it but suddenly understand …… what was cooking in this pot was ……

Little spring flower hurriedly reached out to pull the piercing, afraid that the piercing make what impulsive things, and that four people, also see them angry, suddenly scared hurriedly kneeled on the ground to beg for mercy.


Even though Han Qianqian had expected this, when he actually saw the scene in front of him, he still couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart, and after a long time, he raised his head and let out a long breath.

Immediately afterwards, his eyes shrank slightly, as if ……

thought of something!