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His Destined Path Chapter 3232

Yes, the Seventh Princess was draped in red and gold, and even if they didn’t know exactly what was going on, they could already tell what they were doing just by looking at the costumes of the procession.

In addition, Jade Faced Cultivator had been fighting with the Demon King, so as long as one was not a fool, one would be able to understand the situation.

When they thought of this situation, the rebel group looked at each other with disbelief.

For the sake of self-preservation, of course they did not mind killing the Ghost Djinn to curry favour with Han Qianqian, who was, after all, the absolute superior here at the moment.

But that was only at least what they saw now.

If we were to include the Seventh Princess’s people behind them, then the situation would be completely different.

Yes, although the Seventh Princess’s entourage consisted of only a hundred or so people, half of whom were courtesans and servants, the remaining half of the fifty or so elites were clearly extraordinary people.

Thinking about it, the Seventh Princess of the Pei family dared to travel with such a small number of people in the land of the sword and blood of the demons, how could they be if they did not have two brilliance?

Moreover, the most terrifying thing was the future.

Who is the Pei family?

That was a magnate who had coiled up in this vicinity, and if they were to provoke them, unless they didn’t want to mix with the devil race anymore, then it would be no different from seeking death.

Therefore, at the moment, it might be Han Qianqian who was more fierce, but more at the moment, it was still the Seventh Princess’ power.

When these words came out from the ghost daddy, a group of people were instantly dumbfounded, and their previous attitudes had completely disappeared, each with the slightest hint of fear on their faces.

“Haha, hahahaha, come on, you guys don’t kill to kill me, just come on.” Seeing this, the ghost daddy immediately let out a loud laugh, full of arrogance.

“f*ck, you traitors, what are you all still standing around for? Why don’t you help me up?”

At these words, several of his men glanced at Hong Luan, looking as if they wanted to move but didn’t dare to do so.

They did so, and Hong Luan’s heart became even more confused. At this moment, she felt that she was in a difficult position to ride a tiger, and she could hardly summon up enough courage to take the helm for once, but unexpectedly the helm moved, but the wind stopped.

If she didn’t kill the ghost, Han Qianqian wouldn’t be able to get by, but if she did, what would happen if the Pei family followed up?

As she was hesitating, the Seventh Princess slowly moved.

With the help of a few servants and the escort of the elite soldiers, she walked towards her.

Hong Luan hurriedly knelt down on one knee, and when a group of men saw her do so, they also fell to the ground in a pious manner, “Greetings to the Seventh Princess.”

The Seventh Princess nodded blandly, and then, with a few steps, walked next to the pit in the ground, and with a slight bow of her head, swept a glance at the Ghostly Djinn in the pit, “Are you alright?”

Hearing the Seventh Princess’s words of concern, the Ghost Djinn, even though it was a little uncomfortable, still squeezed out a smile: “Seventh Princess I am fine, I can’t die, thank you for your concern.”

At this time, Hong Luan also stopped talking and brought a few of her men to personally jump down into the pit and slowly helped the Ghostly Djinn up, and at this time, the Ghostly Djinn finally vented his anger just now, and a faint cold smile spread across his face.

You really think I don’t have some other skills?

“What the hell are you all doing? Why don’t you hurry up and consolidate your teams and kill that brat?” After being helped to his feet, the ghost daddy bellowed coldly.

The group of people nodded subconsciously at the order, but none of them dared to attack rashly, after all, Han Qianqian’s majestic power was still there.

The most important point in particular was the attitude of the Seventh Princess at this moment.

“What for? What the f*ck are you doing? Can’t hear me, can you?” Desperate to get his own back, the ghostly daddy roared in anger.

But everyone remained unmoved, only looking more nervously at the Seventh Princess.

The Seventh Princess smiled, “Why are you all so slow to make a move?”

Red Luan’s head dipped slightly, “Your Highness, we …… are no match for him.”

Obviously, Hong Luan knew very well that as long as he wasn’t sick in the head, he would also categorically not go looking for trouble with Han Qianqian when the two great experts were already broken.

Unless, it was supported by the Seventh Princess and his group of men, the crowd could go for another fight, otherwise, there was no need to think too much anymore.

“In that case, you guys concede defeat?” The Seventh Princess said.

“Yes.” Red Luan bowed her head.

“f*ck, trash, give me a go, give me a go.” The ghost daddy roared in anger, “With this daddy and the Seventh Princess around, you guys are scared of nothing, kill him for me.”

“Wait.” At that moment, the Seventh Princess opened her mouth, “This matter has nothing to do with this palace, so don’t involve this palace.”

As soon as they heard this, Hong Luan and the others were startled, while the ghost daddy was even more stunned ……