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His Destined Path Chapter 3233

What does this mean?

“Seventh Princess, what do you mean by that?” The ghostly daddy doubted, and he even wondered a little if his ears had heard wrong.

“Haven’t I said it clearly enough? This matter, has nothing to do with this palace, this palace will never interfere in it.” The Seventh Princess said blandly.

The Demon Emperor almost lost his breath and pa*sed away.

But after fixing his eyes and thinking carefully, it seemed to be true that from the beginning to the end, their bet was that he and Jade Faced Cultivator would take their own people to rush and kill Han Qianqian.

Now that a hundred rounds had yet to be completed, it really wasn’t appropriate for her to interfere too much, either in reason or in logic.

Thinking of this, the ghostly daddy felt slightly better, steadied himself and angrily scolded Red Luan and the others beside him, “The hundred rounds have not yet ended, how could the Seventh Princess interfere, Red Luan, immediately form up your team and kill that brat.”

“It’s true that he’s a bit odd, but don’t forget that he’s also fought us for so long, so I guess he’s already exhausted and is just a paper tiger.”

Hong Luan wanted to say something, raising her eyes to look at Han Qianqian in mid-air, but she couldn’t see the slightest damage to him, if she was going to kill him up like this, she really doubted the truthfulness of Ghost Zun’s words.

He didn’t look like a paper tiger anyhow.

“Seventh Princess.” Hong Luan gritted her teeth and simply knelt down on the ground, “It is our incompetence, earlier, Ghost Djinn and Jade Faced Shura led so many of us, and we were still unable to hurt him even a bit, instead, he allowed him to even kill his generals, if we simply rely on us, rushing up there is no different from sending him to his death.”

“It would be better to die at the Seventh Princess’s hands rather than send us to our deaths like this. We will not go, but if the Seventh Princess wants to blame us, please kill us, we will die without regret.”

With those words, Red Luan fiercely lowered her head, looking as if she was at her disposal.

“We are also like Hong Luan, we are willing to listen to the Seventh Princess’ surrender and die without regret.”

Almost at the same time, the group of monsters behind Red Luan also knelt down en ma*se at this point.

Although begging for sins, the crowd understood in their hearts that this was merely a retreat as an advance, at least, with so many people speaking in unison, even if the Seventh Princess wanted to condemn, it wouldn’t be so bad as to kill everyone at once.

Since that was the case, it was still much better than rushing up and directly sending them to their deaths.

The Demon Emperor was also panicked and angry, how could he have imagined that these men would actually act in such a manner?

“Surrender?” The Seventh Princess frowned, puzzled, “Surrendering what?”

The gang looked at each other, not understanding what the Seventh Princess was and wanted.

“You are all from the Demon Cloud Ghost City, although our princess is a princess, she can’t possibly stretch her hands that far to meddle in your sh*t, right?” How clever was the attendant beside the Seventh Princess, sneering softly.

“But isn’t the Seventh Princess with my family’s ghost daddy who …… is not yet married but is considered half ……” Hong Luan was not stupid, although coy, but was obviously asking the point.

“Watch your words and actions.” The attendant said in a cold voice: “My princess is still the son of a boudoir, there is no marriage, if you and others are talking nonsense, the seventh princess will really have to punish you and other deadly crimes.”

As soon as the words fell, although Hong Luan and the others bowed their heads in fear on the surface, they actually laughed out loud when they bowed their heads.

This is because the Seventh Princess’s statement has actually proved many things, and moreover made their riding a tiger turn out to be just a false alarm.

“Seven …… seven princesses, you …… what do you mean by this? Jade Faced Cultivator said that you did not come especially to join me in marriage? In the future, the Devil Cloud Ghost City will be a family with the Pei family, so how did you ……” After finishing, the ghost daddy also looked at the servant strangely, looking at him with a suspicious face, as if asking if he had said something wrong?


But as soon as the Ghost Dignitary asked, a slap was heavily slapped on his face, and the person who slapped him was no other than that attendant of the Seventh Princess.

When had he ever been slapped by someone else, let alone a lowly servant?

But at this moment, he needed help to stand up, let alone try to fight back.

He looked angrily at his men behind him, naturally expecting them to strike, but he let unexpectedly, at this time, his body staggered, because even the few men who helped him, at this time, also all withdrew their hands and withdrew their bodies ……