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His Destined Path Chapter 3234

“You guys ……” The ghost daddy was a bit at a loss and a bit helpless, what does this mean?!

“This slap is to educate you on your nonsense.” The attendant slightly cold voice, looked at the ghost daddy and drank.

“No, this is not possible, this is not possible.” The ghost daddy knew that the great momentum seemed to have gone far, but he was not willing to do so, and suddenly remembering something, he looked at the Seventh Princess and said, “Seventh Princess, earlier the jade-faced Shura had sent me a long letter, and in the long letter it was written that you and I would be united in marriage, and the book even had the seal of the Pei family head.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t recognize it now, when you go back, I will see how you will explain to his old man.”

“The Seventh Princess is her own daughter, and what is your ghostly father at this time? You only need to use your brain to know what my family head will choose.” The man laughed lightly in disdain.

“Hmph, isn’t he afraid of breaking the contract openly and being laughed at by the world? At that time, no one under the demon race will know about your scandalous deeds, and who in the world will dare to be with you?” The Demon King shouted coldly.

“Oh, the person who sent the letter was Jade Faced Shura, and now that he is dead, then naturally the long letter he carried, how can we tell if it is true or not?”

“We can also say that Jade Faced Shura has evil intentions, secretly taking the opportunity to steal the family head’s main seal and forge the long letter, in order to collude with you from the inside and the outside, to do something untoward, to take away the treasures of my Pei family and so on.” The man said in a cold voice.

After the words were said, he swept a glance at the ghostly ancestor and added with a cold smile, “A man who is dead, who can know what he has done?”

“You guys ……” This time, the Ghost Dignitary was completely speechless, he looked incredulously at the Seventh Princess and the others, and then looked at the gang of men who were just kneeling on the ground at this moment and rushing at the Seventh Princess but deliberately keeping their distance from themselves.

“Good, good, good.” The ghostly daddy laughed back in anger, staggering in place and sneering mercilessly, “You bunch of rabble, betraying me and lying to me, you are going to get your comeuppance.”

“If there really was such a thing as retribution, I think the thousands of unjust souls who died in the Demon Cloud Ghost City would have come to seek revenge on you long ago. Or perhaps you are right, today is your retribution.” Red Luan bowed her head and bellowed coldly.

The ghost daddy was furious and looked at Red Luan with wide eyes.

“Good!” The Ghost Djinn nodded, withdrew his gaze and looked at the Seventh Princess, “If you and the others are so heartless, why did you need to ask me just now if I was still well? Seventh Princess, are you also like me, betrayed by others?”

“If so, you could have said so.” The ghost daddy said.

This was his last straw, for just now the Seventh Princess had come all the way from the traveling carriage and asked if he was still well, which at least showed that the Seventh Princess had an intention for him.

“The Seventh Princess has always been benevolent, do you think that like you, you are like a dog in mourning betrayed by her men?” The attendant snorted coldly.

“As for your comment about the Seventh Princess asking if you are well ……,” the attendant said with a sneer.

“Shut up you, I was asking the Seventh Princess, not you, a tiny little animal.” The demon daddy shot back angrily.

The attendant was not afraid in the slightest, but, not wanting to say more, he smiled coldly and waited for the Seventh Princess to speak.

The Seventh Princess withdrew her gaze towards Han Qianqian and looked at the Ghost Djinn: “What do you want to ask me?”

“Do you think that just now, when I asked you if you were okay, I thought …… I was interested in you?”

The Ghost Djinn nodded, “And is it not?”

Although the Seventh Princess had a veil with her, it was obvious that anyone could see in her eyes that she couldn’t help but snicker.

Of course, it was more like a merciless mockery in the eyes of the Ghost Djinn.

“I think that you have misunderstood, Ghost Venerable.” The Seventh Princess said, forcing a laugh.

As she said so, the attendants beside her even covered their stomachs with laughter, and even the group of courtesans and guards behind the Seventh Princess were all smiling at the moment.

The demon daddy had an unsettling feeling in his heart, and his face was also a bit more really hung over as he asked, “Misunderstanding?”

“Haha, seventh princess, someone toad wants to eat swan meat is thinking crazy, haha, he still thinks ……” that attendant laughs even louder.

And almost at the same time, the Hong Luan and others over there also seemed to think of something, and each one also covered their mouths and snickered.

At this moment, the Seventh Princess, also slowly opened her mouth ……