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His Destined Path Chapter 3253

As Han Qianqian was escorted away, the group of people who had just been complaining about the city lord burst into laughter.

“I told you, the Lord of Cailuo City has always been wise and powerful, but why did he say such nonsense just now?

“This is a very good plan, using retreat as an advance.”

A man’s mouth and tongue can give birth to a sword and a flower. A sword kills invisibly, while a flower gives birth to colour without colour.

At least, that was the case at the moment.

When Master Chen saw that public opinion had returned, he also finally let out a long breath and glanced at the City Master, both of them smiling at each other.

It is not as easy as one might think to be clean, so no wonder the world often says that it is easy to be bad, but difficult to be good.

However, with all the guests present, the Lord and the Master of the City still had to lift their spirits, smile at the crowd, and even laugh and drink with them.

I can only think of it as, yet another ghost of injustice.

And at that moment that unjustly dead ghost, Han Qianqian, had already been taken away from the so-called shrine area by the crowd, and all the way through, people like Han Qianqian who was being escorted by soldiers naturally attracted a lot of attention.

But it was a great pity that even so, Han Qianqian did not see any trace of the piercing armour and the others.

Could it be that they were not in the city?

But to be honest, Han Qianqian always had a feeling that they were inside the city, especially when he reached the ancestral hall, this feeling was even stronger.

If he had to say that this feeling was just a feeling and lacked evidence, then the best evidence would probably be Han Qianqian’s sense of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

He really felt that they were all within this great city.

Only, Han Qianqian didn’t quite understand why they hadn’t shown themselves yet.

Theoretically, they should be searching for themselves all over the city, just like himself. After all, the news of the demon cloud ghost city’s destruction was known all over the city, so when they knew about it, they would definitely be looking for themselves everywhere.

But ……

Why would they do that?

As he was thinking about this, Han Qianqian had already been escorted by a group of soldiers to a remote place in the city’s heavenly prison. As the doors gently opened, Han Qianqian was escorted inside, and it was almost dark inside.

However, the soldiers only threw him into one of the cells and then left with a bang, without the severe torture that Han Qianqian had expected.

At that moment, outside the gates of the Heavenly Prison.

When several soldiers returned from escorting Han Qianqian, they saw Captain Tu standing outside the door of the Heavenly Prison, they all bowed their hands and saluted: “Captain, he has been taken to the prison.”

Captain Tu nodded in satisfaction, a smile plastered on his face.

“Captain, isn’t it time for …… severe torture?” The soldier looked at him in disbelief.

After all, if he was in such a hurry just now, then he should inevitably be eager to do it now, so why not only not hurry, but instead wait outside the jail?!

“Severe torture?” He laughed, not panicking in the slightest, instead he fumbled in his hand and fished out two ingots of gold, laughing, “What’s the hurry? Go, get those old men from the tavern today.”

“If you don’t earn money, do you think I’m a fool?”

At these words, several soldiers slapped their heads and finally understood what Captain Tu was trying to do.

The old men had dropped such a large sum of money after they had only wronged the boy a few times. If they were to set up another clear sight, they were still holding a money tree.

“High, high, high, the captain is still smart.”

“I’ll go and take care of it.”

With those words, a few soldiers went to find Old Frustration and a bunch of other old men.

Captain Tu smiled with satisfaction and looked at the few remaining brothers around him, saying proudly, “People often say that heroes emerge in troubled times, but if you want to be prosperous in peaceful times, you have to learn how to make money.”

“Let’s go and have a good time with our golden master, or else the money tree won’t be able to shake in the future.”

With these words, Captain Tu tossed the two ingots of gold over his head, and they fell into his pouch, while he walked towards the heavenly prison.

In a few moments, after the sound of fire and noise in the cell, Han Qianqian was taken out of the cell by the soldiers, and outside the door of the cell, five old men, including Old Frustration, were guided by some soldiers towards the cell.

In front of the interrogation platform in the Heavenly Prison, the fire was already raging in the sky and was waiting ……