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His Destined Path Chapter 3254


Seeing Han Qianqian being escorted in, Captain Tu was currently sitting at the front of the interrogation table, his face full of a cold smile, holding a red-hot branding iron in his hand, looking cold and ruthless.

A few soldiers tied Han Qianqian to the torture rack and obediently retreated to one side.

All around the rack, there was fire and iron shackles, as well as some strange, unnamed, but extremely odd looking things.

Han Qianqian let out a bitter smile, really look up to himself, for himself estimated that these dozens of major punishment out, this know still know is to engage in himself alone, this if not know, may also think that this is to punish the whole cell once.

The first thing that I did was to take a look at the man’s face, but he was not in a hurry to make a move, he just kept staring at himself with a smile.

Just as Han Qianqian was getting a little impatient, a junior soldier hurried in: “Captain, the men have arrived.”

“Bring them in.” Captain Tu shouted happily, and the little soldier immediately took orders and retreated.

Not long after, a burst of footsteps came, Han Qianqian looked with the sound, only to see the old frustrated five old men accompanied by soldiers hurriedly rushed in.

As soon as they saw Han Qianqian, Old Frustration and the others were worried, but since Captain Tu was in front of them, Old Frustration and the others could only greet him with a bow: “We greet you, sir.”

“All come.”

Captain Tu smiled, and with a wave of his hand, several soldiers moved five stools in at once, scaring the five old men.

“This team has always acted with integrity and fairness, the five of you need not worry, this team will not make things difficult for the five of you, just seeing that you are old, please take your seats.”

Hearing these words, Old Frustration and the others thanked each other and sat down.

“This son had a conflict with me in the tavern earlier, but this team is not evil and let him off for the sake of the five of you, but as you must have seen earlier, this son openly acted in contempt in front of the city lord.

“Now, the city lord suspects that he is a spy of the Demon Cloud Ghost City, but he wants me to force a confession by word and deed, no, I have all the things ready.” I’ve prepared everything.” With that, Captain Tu picked up the red-hot iron in his hand and put it into the bucket of water next to him.

The five old men were shocked and staggered as they watched.

As one of the governors of Cailou City, you should know that many of the soldiers of Cailou City are dismantling their armour and entering the city, so there are no other forces that want to make waves.”

“Yes, sir, that’s half true.” The other old men echoed the sentiment.

“Ai.” Captain Tu shook his head, looking unusually embarra*sed, “I know that since, otherwise the tavern wouldn’t have let him off so easily. However, as the Lord of the City, he is concerned about the safety and security of the entire city, so it is only natural for him to be worried. Now, he has decided that this boy is a possible spy, and that’s the hard thing to do.”

“Captain, the Lord of the City is in a high position, how can we meet him? I hope the captain will put in a good word for us.” Old Frustration said with a smile.

“My captain has a lot of time on his hands, how can he have so much time to worry about such matters? To help you, how many things must be delayed for my captain, and who will be responsible for the losses in between?” Before Captain Tu could say anything, the soldier next to him pitched in early.

Captain Tu smiled and just looked at Old Man Frustrated.

Old Man Frustrated was stunned, but then he understood what was meant. He fumbled around for half a day and took out the only two ingots of gold he had left, then he was in a bit of a dilemma, glancing at the few old men with him, who also glanced at each other, then got up and took out another ingot each, making a total of six ingots, before Old Man Frustrated took them and slowly walked towards Captain Tu.

“Sir, this is a small token of our appreciation, I hope you ……”

The old frustrated head was just about to speak, but the soldier next to him had already interrupted: “Is my captain’s loss worth this much?”

The old frustrated head was in a difficult position and could only place his eyes on the other four old men again. The four old men gritted their teeth and were about to shell out again when, at that moment, Han Qianqian spoke, “Five old men, don’t give him a single penny.”