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His Destined Path Chapter 3255

As soon as he heard this, Captain Tu’s still amiable eyes were immediately filled with anger and coldness, staring at Han Qianqian with a deadly stare.

The soldier beside him, who had been interrupting, also burst out, “Brat, what the hell did you say? Say it again if you have the guts?”

“The refugees of the Demon Cloud Ghost City have been tossed around for their entire lives, and it was so hard for them to survive until the death of the ghost daddy, and the group was able to get away with some money, but they have to be plucked by a few corrupt officials like you, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?” Han Qianqian shouted coldly.

Nowadays, Han Qianqian could already understand the faces of these guys just by looking at their series of operations, and he suddenly understood why this Captain Tu was targeting himself at every turn.

The tavern was probably just a momentary temper tantrum, but when he found out that there was money to be made, he had bad intentions, and it just so happened that he had coincidentally run into the gun, giving these guys an opportunity to take advantage of it.

In order to squeeze a few old men dry, this Captain Tu was simply despicable and shameless to the extreme, and how could Han Qianqian be used to such people?

“Heavenly thunder and lightning? f*ck, I’ll give you a good taste of what it means to have your skin split open.” The soldier shouted in anger, and immediately picked up the whip and rushed towards Han Qianqian.

The old frustrated few hurriedly tried to stop him, but it was obviously too late.

With a loud snap, the whip struck Han Qianqian’s body with a solid blow.

Old Frustration hurriedly knelt down in front of Captain Tu and said in a sharp voice, “Sir, sir, don’t be angry, he’s just an ordinary kid, why do you have to be like him?”

“This team is only following orders to torture severely, we are never angry.” Captain Tu said in a cold voice.

Upon hearing this, Old Frustration hurriedly placed his gaze on the few old men behind him, and those few old men were really helpless, and had to hurriedly pull out all the three ingots of gold that were left on them.

They had wanted to keep some for their old age, but now, in order to save the lives of others, they had to take out their last coffin money.

However, at that moment, they heard a soft laugh: “Is that all you have? Haven’t you eaten?”

Upon hearing this, not only were the five old men turned around in surprise, but even Captain Tu and a few soldiers could not help but stare at Han Qianqian in unison.

“Just this powerless thing, still want to cheat people out of their hard-earned money?” Han Qianqian smiled coldly.

“How dare you.” Faced with such a provocation, Captain Tu became enraged and immediately got up violently, directly grabbed the long whip in the soldier’s walk and aimed it at Han Qianqian.

Old Frustration hurriedly tried to plead for mercy, but Han Qianqian laughed coldly: “If you can beat me up, you can take their money at will.”

“However, let me say something ugly beforehand, if you can’t even do this, then I advise you better keep your tail between your legs and don’t think east and west all day.”

Captain Tu’s whole body was shaking with anger, such provocation was really annoying.

Today, it was not just about the money, but also about his own face.

With this in mind, Captain Tu did not hesitate to bring up his whip and used all his strength to bring down the whip with a fierce blow.


A crunching sound almost made everyone in the room feel their ears ringing, those whips that didn’t even hit Han Qianqian’s corners even blew the wooden table next to them to pieces because of the fierce force, the force of which was extraordinary.

However, just when everyone was trembling, not daring to see how miserable Han Qianqian would be if he was hit by the whip, there was a loud laugh from Han Qianqian’s side.

“What? Tu, you really grew up eating sh*t? It doesn’t hurt at all, are you tickling me?”

When the crowd looked up at the sound, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded ……