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His Destined Path Chapter 3256

At this time Han Qianqian’s body, although the outer layer of clothing has been directly by a whip to crack, but the cracked seam not to mention see what skin open flesh cracked phase, even a slight blood is not seen in the slightest.

This …… is outrageous, isn’t it?

It is not possible that, as Han Qianqian said, this seemingly strong as an ox, Captain Tu is actually just a urea, not even able to wield a whip well?

The old men were dumbfounded, but how could Captain Tu and his gang not be?

Of course, Captain Tu did not doubt that his whip was not strong enough, but his first thought was that he might have missed. But if he hadn’t hit the right spot, the whip wouldn’t have been strong enough to shred Han Qianqian’s clothes.

“Captain ……” several soldiers looked at him in confusion, obviously unable to pull themselves out of their shock for a while.

With a few old men outside, a few soldiers inside, and Han Qianqian’s taunting words to his face, Captain Tu was unable to get through, and his huge, solid chest was heaving with anger.

“Hmph, you still have a tough mouth, then I want to see whether your mouth is tough or my whip is tough.”

With these words, he lashed out in the air, and there was an explosion like a snap, and then, with a violent fling, he lashed out again towards Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian didn’t even change his face and didn’t even blink as he said in a cold voice, “Continue.”

“f*ck!” Cursed out.




Three whips directly pa*sed.

But in return, not only was there not the slightest cry of pain from Han Qianqian, but even, there was only a loud maniacal laugh that filled him.

“Surnamed Tu, is that all?”

“Ahhhhhh!” Captain Tu was furious and thunderstruck, using all his strength to whip wildly again.

One whip, two whips ……

Ten lashes, fifty lashes ……

Even, hundreds of lashes.

When the stone platform used to bind Han Qianqian was cracked by the force of the whip, and when the surrounding torture instruments burst apart in the midst of the whip, Captain Tu no longer knew how many whips he had wielded, he only knew that he was now panting like an ox.

However, he believed that, with his own strength, even a giant elephant would have been killed on the spot, not to mention a human being.

But before he had time to look, the few soldiers beside him were already backing away slightly as if they had seen a ghost.

The five old men on the other side of him were all more than aghast, looking extremely shocked.

He looked up sharply and stared in anger, almost stumbling on his buttocks and falling to the ground.

The clothes and trousers of Han Qianqian, who was tied to the torture device, had already been smoked to the point that they were barely in one piece, and there were burst marks everywhere.

But it is such burst marks although it looks unusually shocking, but in reality is not completely so.

Because ……

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a person’s body covered with blood.

It is as if the whip after whip did not hit a person, but only hit a slab of stone with clothes on.

He only knew that he was really exhausted, his arm was numb and painful, and even the tiger’s mouth, which was wielding the whip, was in pain.

“What? Tired?” Han Qianqian’s face was indifferent, although he did not have many taunting words, but sometimes, taunting a person does not require too many words, just a look or a few simple words.

At least, with these four words from Han Qianqian, Captain Tu had already jumped like a thunderstorm.

“If you want to embezzle this money, you also have to see if you have that ability and are worthy of it.” Han Qianqian sneered.

Fried, fried, Captain Tu’s whole body was about to explode, he really wanted to slash this son of a b*tch in front of him.

But with the money yet to come on one side, and the face on the other, what little sanity he had left kept him from doing so.

“f*ck, come on, strip him naked for me, this kid must be wearing some kind of soft armour.” Cursing out, Captain Tu commanded angrily.

A few soldiers suddenly remembered something and rushed towards Han Qianqian.

A few soldiers moved extremely fast, and in three quick movements, they took off Han Qianqian’s jacket, which was not much left, but when the men took off their clothes, it was as if they were collectively petrified ……

This also included Captain Tu and a group of old men who were watching ……