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His Destined Path Chapter 3286

“Let’s get you a move on!”


When those words came out, there was a real rumble that was not exaggerated at all, but these, obviously, were not triggered by other agitations.

It was just that some people were thunderstruck on the spot and fainted straight away.

And not to mention others, even the gambler who had been more supportive of Han Qianqian almost failed to catch his breath and coughed up on the spot.

If we say that against Prince Ruyu, this guy gave up three moves in a row was barely acceptable, then now he gave up one move to Black Mountain Demon Girl, which made everyone want to rush to the ring and beat up this b*****d while cursing at you for pretending to be a f*cking X.

This X has been completely too ah, even the whole world’s trousers all together can not pocket the kind of.

The black mountain demon girl is a really famous super expert, and the strength is even vaguely close to the realm of the devil saint, such a person, not to mention Han Qianqian, a small person, even the big city lord of the cities, meet her also at least have to yield three points.

But this kid ……

What a f*cking bullsh*t.

“It seems that the money ……” the sitting banker couldn’t help but laugh.

From the midst of panic and despair into this happy look today, it turns out that it does not take long, just you meet this kind of foolishness on stage.

The first thing that I could not have imagined was that this foolishness on the stage would force itself on him.

The black mountain demon girl was also clearly stunned: “What did you say? You’re letting me do one move?”

“Yeah, play?” Han Qianqian laughed.

“Are you sick?” The Black Mountain Demon Princess stared at this guy with dissatisfaction, playing? If she wanted to play like this, she could play him to death in a minute with different tricks.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly and didn’t retort, just looked at her and waited for her answer.

The Black Mountain Demon Princess was so angry that she was about to vomit blood, and after biting her tongue, she said coldly, “Someone is going to rush to his death, so I don’t have to stop him, right?”

“Just as you wish.” With those words, the Black Mountain Demon Princess directly raised her hand on the spot, and the demonic Qi in her hand suddenly surged wildly once again.

“Wait a minute.”

At the critical moment, Han Qianqian’s side raised his hand again, and once again, he shouted to stop.

“sh*t, what the f*ck is this?”

“f*ck, can’t we just get this son of a b*tch to death? It’s so annoying, so f*cking annoying, the game just f*cking started less than a second ago, and this motherf*cker has called timeout twice.”

“If you can’t play, get out of here, don’t pretend you’re not f*cking good enough, okay?”

The bottom of the stage was full of curses, completely unable to stand Han Qianqian, while the opponent on stage, Black Mountain Demon Girl, was obviously even more annoyed.

In the words of a man, every time her trousers were down, Han Qianqian suddenly wanted to put a timeout.

“What else do you want?” If she wasn’t in the ring right now, she would have to bruise Han Qianqian’s bones and skin.

Annoying, infuriating, hateful!

“Oh, after making a request, after all, I’ll let you have one move.” Han Qianqian, however, carried the shamelessness to the bottom completely.

If she didn’t listen to what he said, I’m afraid that if word got out, the world would laugh at her for not winning. Thinking of this, she suppressed her anger and looked at Han Qianqian with great impatience, “If you have any demands, can you finish them all at once?”

Seeing that the b*tch was furious, Han Qianqian knew that her purpose had almost been achieved, so she put away that shameless smile and suddenly turned unusually serious: “Since one move determines the winner, and I let you have one move, naturally, I also have to lay down a rule on this. The rule is simple, if I take one move from you and still stand here, then you have lost.”

“On the other hand, if I can’t stand up, then you win, what do you think?”

The Black Mountain Demon Girl was clearly stunned.

Not to mention a move that would make him unable to stand up, even if a move would kill him to the core, Black Mountain Demon Princess would definitely not have the slightest doubt: “Okay, I promise you.”

“Now then, let’s begin.” Han Qianqian gave a smile.