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His Destined Path Chapter 3287

The moment the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian rea*serted his stance and stood proudly with his arms folded, with a confident look that the world was mine.

This act made the Black Mountain Demon Princess, who had been quite angry and even wanted to kill Han Qianqian, a little wary for a while.

After all, even a fool in his right mind would never be able to joke with his own life like that, especially since this guy hadn’t had the slightest energy fluctuation up to now and looked as if he was completely unguarded.

This had to make Black Mountain Demon Princess frown tightly and suspect whether there was a fraud.

Thinking about it, the more Black Mountain Demon Ji seemed to think about it, the more old evil it was extremely likely.

He was simply too perverse, even to the point of being so eager to anger himself on multiple occasions, and I was afraid that his intention was to make himself hurry up and strike, plus the more he looked defenceless now, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

That’s right, he was forcing himself to strike quickly in his anger, and so on and so forth, he would surely suffer his way.

“What a good boy.” Thinking of this, the Black Mountain Demon Princess, who had been eager to attack, could not help but withdraw her attack warily at this point, instead taking a few steps back slightly so as to observe.

At the bottom of the stage, the audience, who had long been annoyed by Han Qianqian, saw Black Mountain Demon Girl retreating instead of attacking, and on the spot, they were all anxious and furious.

“Hit him, Black Mountain Demon Girl, what are you doing?”

“Hurry up and kill this son of a b*tch, I think he’s just too disgusting.”

There was a lot of noise on the stage, but the more noise there was, the more calm and alert the Black Mountain Demon Princess was at this moment.

There were more and more signs that her guess was right, at least, the crowd was now being provoked by this b*****d.

The most alarming thing for Black Mountain Demon Princess is that this person actually closed his eyes at this moment, completely like I am not only looking for death, I want to send death.

This time, Black Mountain Demon Princess even more apprehensive, and even Zhu Yan Shuo, who was watching the battle not far away, also looked at Han Qianqian very strangely at this time, wondering what the hell he was up to.

I’m afraid that only Han Qianqian himself knew what he was up to.

He seemed to be standing there indifferently, but inwardly Han Qianqian was in a state of panic.

A prolonged battle of attrition was no different from sending Han Qianqian to his death, not to mention a Black Mountain Demon Princess, even someone like the Jade Prince would be enough to abuse Han Qianqian to death.

Therefore, the most advantageous situation for Han Qianqian was the lightning battle.

However, Han Qianqian obviously could not make a move in this lightning battle, for if he did so, he would reveal his current situation.

Therefore, Han Qianqian could only defend.

After all, Han Qianqian had the help of the Little Black Stick, and although it was unlikely that the Little Black Stick could stand up to an expert of the level of Black Mountain Demon Princess, what if it was coupled with his own Indestructible Xuan Armour? Although he didn’t have the energy to activate it, the camel was still bigger than the horse, and there was still a god-grade defensive equipment like the Frost Jade Armor inside.

Finally, there is the golden body and the body of a loose immortal that Old Man Sweeper and the others helped him recreate.

As the saying goes, three stinkers are better than a Zhuge Liang, so when these things were added together, Han Qianqian did not dare to say that he was confident that he could completely take a move from the Black Mountain Demon Princess.

However, this was the best and only option for him at the moment.

As for Fang’s intention to interrupt Black Mountain Demon Girl twice, he actually wanted Black Mountain Demon Girl to be clever and be mistaken.

Women are more thoughtful and experts are more experienced in combat, so a purely aggressive approach will not work on them, and it was this that Han Qianqian used to play psychological warfare with Black Mountain Demon Princess.

The purpose of doing so was very simple, that is, to make Black Mountain Demon Princess not to attack with all her might when she had the chance to make an attack.

On the contrary, she would be in a state of worry and doubt, and would not be able to give her full play.

The arrow was on the string and Black Mountain Demon Princess had no choice but to send it.

Black Qi demon appeared, she rushed towards Han Qianqian ……