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His Destined Path Chapter 3299

The ground stalls that were particularly abundant just now were almost completely gone, and there were only a few dead trees around, which, combined with the darkness of the night and the unnamed graves ahead, had made the place look extremely gloomy.

Although Han Qianqian is not afraid, but this kind of place still feels more or less uncomfortable, the most important thing is that Han Qianqian does not understand.

The most important thing is that Han Qianqian does not understand. Those who know are here to find people, but those who do not know think they are here to find a f*cking ghost.

After all, what is it if you are not looking for ghosts when you come to this ma*s grave in the middle of the night?

When Han Qianqian did not wait to say anything, Zhu Yan’er froze in place and rubbed her head, seemingly trying to recall something.

Han Qianqian was confused, what did this mean? This girl hadn’t forgotten the way, had she?

But just as Han Qianqian was desperate, suddenly, Zhu Yan’er tapped her head and remembered something at once, then muttered some inaudible words and finally, shouted out the door.

The only grave with a tombstone in front of them suddenly rumbled loudly, followed by a slight trembling of the ground, and the tombstone actually moved slowly.

As the tombstone moved, a cave about the size of the tombstone soon appeared behind it, with warm yellow light shining out from inside, and a noise could be heard coming from inside.

“What are you still waiting for, go inside.” Zhu Yan’er laughed softly and took the lead in walking into the tomb cave.

Although Han Qianqian was puzzled, he still followed him in.

The entrance to the cave was not very big, but once inside, it opened up to a wide view, two metres wide and two metres high, with stairs spreading from the ground to several metres underground.

At the end of the staircase, there is a turn and a huge space, with noises, the smell of alcohol and smoke.

The space inside was unusually large, something Han Qianqian had never expected, at least two football pitches, with rows and rows of long tables, almost packed to the rafters.

The strange music with its powerful rhythm made the hearts of the people move, and if this was not the World of Eight, Han Qianqian would really wonder if he had entered a disco.

The huge bright lights swayed and swept around the various people in the space.

They were talking and drinking, and in the middle of the stage, a few beautiful women dressed in duds were frantically twirling a strange dance to the rhythmic music.

Perhaps I should say that in Han Qianqian’s case it was odd, but in the eyes of the demons it was flirtatious.

Because of the scene, whistles kept ringing out.

Amongst the crowd, there were also many beautiful women, dressed in strange and not too many cloths, busily serving drinks, food and serving the crowd.

What was this if not a disco on Earth?

When Han Qianqian and Zhu Yan’er walked into the venue, many eyes turned to the two of them, and the scene, which was already lively enough, became even more frantic and agitated at once.

Whistles rose and fell, even piercing one’s eardrums in the middle of the space.

“Yo, where’s that chick from? She’s a real looker.”

“She’s got the body, she’s got the face, she’s superb, she’s simply superb.”

A group of people argued harshly, not caring at all about their wolf-like eyes, just staring viciously at Zhu Yan’er beside Han Qianqian.

Although she was the sister of the city lord, many of them had never even heard of her, let alone seen her.

Even though Zhu Yan’er had been shocked by Han Qianqian’s violent performance in the ring today and lifted her head, she was not easily seen from that perspective.

Secondly, most of those who mingle here are out at night and sleep in white, and simply don’t have the time to attend the tournament, and even if they do, they may not recognise it.

“It’s just a pity that a flower is stuck in a cow dung, look at that brat next to her, heck, he’s as skinny as a gra*shopper. A little girl is a little girl, she still doesn’t know what kind of man, is the strongest.”

“Little white boy, well, his mouth can talk, of course he can cheat.” They didn’t just taste Zhu Yan’er, they even commented on Han Qianqian without the slightest concern.

Even, while talking, these guys even leaned closer to Han Qianqian, completely blocking their path.

Zhu Yan’er, unperturbed by the danger, shouted in a cold voice, “We are here to find the Blood Ghost.”