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His Destined Path Chapter 3300


A few people faintly stared at the title.

Immediately afterwards, one suddenly sneered, “Little girl, mixed up here? I haven’t seen you before.”

“Vampires are very busy, so they don’t have time to see you. Why don’t you have a few drinks with me and I’ll make an appointment for you?”

The words fell, and several people could not help but laugh out loud in a bad way.

Han Qianqian’s face was slightly cold as he looked at them indifferently, and was about to say something to let Zhu Yan’er go and ignore them, when Zhu Yan’er suddenly smiled, “Really? I can drink again and have you guys help me find someone.”

Han Qianqian was speechless, she was really a young girl who had never seen the world, these people were obviously not good people, so how could they help find someone?

This was purely a way to take advantage of them.

Not to mention Han Qianqian, even those few people were a bit confused at this point, who would have thought that some fool would really agree very simply?

After reflecting on the situation, they were overjoyed, laughing and inviting Zhu Yan’er to their seats, Han Qianqian wanted to slightly pull her back, but she pulled Han Qianqian directly and followed her.

Seeing that those few people were somehow favoured by a beautiful woman and came over to drink with her, a group of people also whistled or made strange noises and gathered around from the side.

“f*cking hell, serve the wine, serve the wine, bring me up the good wine you have here, what are you doing.” As soon as they sat down, one of them, a large man, slammed the table with a thud and yelled loudly towards the ladies who were serving the wine.

The girls seemed to be used to the shouting, and not only did they not feel the slightest discomfort, but they even smiled and hurriedly turned around to fetch the wine for them.

“Come, come, sit down, pretty girl.” The other people were not idle either, and were about to invite Zhu Yan’er to sit in the centre.

On the two sides of the centre, a few big men had already occupied the seats, leaving only a small place in the centre, which was just big enough for Zhu Yan’er to sit.

It was only a small spot in the centre, just big enough for Zhu Yan’er to sit down alone. When you can sit with a beautiful woman, you have to squeeze as tightly as you can.

Zhu Yan’er smiled gently and did not sit down, but just looked at the people on either side of her. Those two people immediately understood what she meant, and could only reluctantly move out a little to give Zhu Yan’er and Han Qianqian enough space.

As the two sat down, the group of men on Han Qianqian’s side were naturally very depressed, after all, it looked awkward to have a man in the middle. The men next to Zhu Yan’er, on the other hand, were obviously much happier.

As soon as the wine girl brought the wine, she hurriedly poured a gla*s full and pushed it directly in front of Zhu Yan’er.

The wine was so strong that even the older men who had been around for a long time would rarely order it.

The purpose of the wine, obviously, was for such times.

Once Zhu Yan’er was unconscious, they could then do whatever they wanted.

Even though the wine was not served in front of Han Qianqian, he could clearly smell the potency of the wine.

Just as he was about to ask Zhu Yan’er to drink, Zhu Yan’er said quietly, “I can’t do it without drinking, we need to find someone.”

With those words, she raised her gla*s of wine and was about to drink it.

Since Zhu Yan’er had come out with her, and she had given her word to Zhu Yanshuo, she naturally had to keep her safe, and most importantly, if Zhu Yan’er was drunk, how could she still find someone?

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian grabbed her cup, “I’ll drink for her.”

With those words, Han Qianqian drank the wine in the cup in one go.

Originally, when Zhu Yan’er was about to drink, the gang was all overjoyed, but just when they were about to do something, there was a bite out of the blue, so how could they not be furious?

Each one of them glared at Han Qianqian with murderous eyes.

“Okay, you want to drink on behalf of her, right? If she drinks one cup, you will drink three cups.”

With a loud shout, several women serving wine quickly brought up several large altars in unison, not to mention this was strong wine, even ordinary wine was enough to make people drunk to death there.

“There are thirty of us here, one of us will drink to this young lady, if you want to drink instead, I’ll do the math for you, a whole ten altars of wine, drink up.”

The man shouted fiercely and directly carried a jar of wine and placed it in front of Han Qianqian with a fierce bang ……