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His Destined Path Chapter 3301

All of them were staring at Han Qianqian with a deadly stare, completely acting like if they didn’t drink, they were not giving them face and they would be furious at any moment.

However, on the surface, in reality, these people were all happy in their hearts.

The whole ten jars of strong wine, not to mention Han Qianqian’s small body, even if they were as strong as oxen, they would not be able to drink two jars, and as for the ten jars, well, it was definitely not too much to say that it would kill them.

This is what happens when you go against them.

Zhu Yan’er did not say anything, but remained silent at this moment and looked at Han Qianqian.

Seeing this, Han Qianqian swept a glance at the wine on the table and nodded, “Good.”

With those words, Han Qianqian didn’t hesitate to grab the wine jar and pour it into his mouth with a grunt.

One jar was quickly drained, and Han Qianqian then grabbed the second jar directly.

The third and fourth altar ……

Not only was everyone not the least bit shocked, but their smiles were full of ridicule. The more you drink, the stronger the aftertaste will be.

These ten jars of wine might not have killed him, but if he had to drink so quickly, then he would have crushed his last hope of survival.

There was no other possibility but to die drunk.

Zhu Yan’er did the same, only inwardly, instead of ridicule, she was happy.

With Han Qianqian’s ability to subdue the gods, a mere ten altars of wine would naturally not be a big problem, and as long as he was drunk, wouldn’t she have her own chance?

Others were counting on her, but in reality she was counting on others.

“Ten altars, is that enough?”

Han Qianqian fiercely placed the last of the wine altar on the table and looked around at the group of strong men without the slightest panic.

“Good, have the guts.” The man at the head of the group grunted coldly and didn’t care, the aftermath would take time anyway, they weren’t in a hurry.

“Now that the wine has been drunk, isn’t it time for you guys to fulfil your promise?” Han Qianqian asked blandly.

Several people looked at each other and smiled gently, “Finding the blood ghost, it’s easy, wait five minutes.”

Han Qianqian glanced at Zhu Yan’er, but saw her nodding her head, so only then did he refrain from saying anything.

Seeing Han Qianqian turn his head back, Zhu Yan’er did not withdraw her gaze, instead, she was still looking at him quietly.

Strange, how come he didn’t have the slightest intention to get drunk on Ding Ling?

If he didn’t get drunk, wouldn’t it be a waste of time to do all this?

In fact, Zhu Yan’er was not as homeless as Han Qianqian thought she was. Although she did not go out much, how could she not know how to pay for things?

It was just that she wanted Han Qianqian to pay.

In other words, she wanted a man she had a crush on to pay for him, just like her husband …… did.

As for finding a vampire, it’s not that she didn’t know the way to find him, it’s just that, as soon as she came in, she met this group of people and she just went along with it and obliged.

After all, she still wanted to experience the kind of happiness she felt when Han Qianqian held her drink for her, as well as the opportunity to go and take care of Han Qianqian if he was drunk.

If she could know about this black market place, how could she not know the ways inside?

It was just that everything was going as she had expected, but at this moment, at this moment, the result was a little off, he didn’t look drunk.

But that couldn’t be right, this strong wine ……

And, a whole ten altars?

They had their minds, but how could Han Qianqian not have his own peculiarities? Han Qianqian, who possessed the body of ten thousand poisons, was himself a super king of poisons, and to try to put him out of his misery with just a little alcohol was not pure nonsense?

A thin camel is bigger than a horse, and what’s more, these people are not comparing him with a horse, but with an ant, which is not even crushing, but not at all on the same level.

It’s just that Han Qianqian did overlook some details on Zhu Yan’er because he was so intent on finding someone, and was more or less played by her.

For the next few minutes, Han Qianqian was waiting for the five minutes they were talking about, while Zhu Yan’er was waiting with another group of people with different minds for Han Qianqian to get drunk.

Suddenly, just then, the entire underground space suddenly buzzed with a boom, followed by another soft pop, and in the next second, all the lights in the entire space turned off, plunging everyone into pitch blackness.

“The vampires are coming.”