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His Destined Path Chapter 3334

Several people looked at each other, obviously also hesitating whether this so-called strange should be said or not.

Seeing this, Zhu Yan Shuo was a little impatient: “If you should say it, you can say it, but you can also say it if you shouldn’t, I won’t blame you.”

“Yes, City Lord.” The man nodded, “Early this morning, there were quite a few places in the city that suddenly sold out of breakfast.”

“Recently, the Demon Cloud Ghost City has been destroyed, and a large number of slaves from the Demon Cloud Ghost City have poured into this city, so it is normal for food to be in short supply for a while, why is it strange?” Zhu Yanshuo was a bit puzzled.

“Yes, this is not strange, but the problem is that there are many people outside the shop who have not actually bought breakfast, or even …… even the various stocks of food in the shop for the next few days have also been bought clean, cooked food is one side, even some raw food shops.” The man reported.

Hearing this, Zhu Yan Shuo was a bit puzzled, this was indeed a bit abnormal.

Even with the large number of people, the supply was not considered sufficient, but the city had not reached the level of famine, although it was known that the group of refugees in the Demon Cloud Ghost City had each shared a lot of money and had enough purchasing power.

But it’s not like they’re buying such a large hoard of food without a famine going down, right?

“How many shops are in this situation?”

“In reply to the City Lord, there is basically no shop in the city that has not experienced this situation. We doubt that it could be ……”

It was not unusual for someone who was cautious and afraid of being scolded to be prepared in this way, but it would indeed be too abnormal if such a situation occurred in all the restaurants in the city.

Could it be, as my subordinate suspected, that it was that group of people from the Heavenly Demon Palace and the Hundred Demon Hall?

But that shouldn’t be the case, they are seriously injured, they should be looking for medicinal herbs, what is the purpose of taking so much food?

If they can’t be cured of their wounds and illnesses, wouldn’t more food be the same as waiting to die!

“City Lord, food and population are related, the Heavenly Demon Palace and the Hundred Demon Hall are both old sects in the demon tradition, there is no guarantee that they will have many accomplices and remnants, is it possible that they are waiting for reinforcements by buying food in large quantities?” Another person added.

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yanshuo’s eyes suddenly lit up, this really reminded him, “Immediately send more men to the city walls, and at the same time pay attention to the situation outside the city.”

“My subordinate understands.” The man received his orders and hurriedly retreated.

After ordering this, Zhu Yan Shuo looked at the others, “As for you guys, go and find out who these grains have been sold to.”


As they were about to go down, Zhu Yanshuo suddenly realised that something might not be right and hurriedly said, “Wait a minute.”

“What else does the City Lord want.”

Zhu Yanshuo raised his head and frowned: “Just send a team to check where the grain has gone, as for the others, step up patrols, and still focus on the herb shop.”

Several people were stunned, not knowing why Lord Zhu had suddenly changed his mind.

But Zhu Yanshuo did not have his reasons, the grain could not be related to the large number of injured people, so after thinking about it, Zhu Yanshuo thought that this was most likely the other side’s plan to move the tiger away from the mountain.

The company’s plan is to get the troops to investigate, and if they suddenly go up to the herb shops to buy more herbs at this time, then it is not a private success?

“What are you still frozen for?”

Several people nodded and looked at each other before saying yes and obediently going down.

Once a few people had left, Zhu Yan Shuo’s eyes were quite complicated, his fists clenched slightly as he said in a cold voice, “Surnamed Han, playing these little clever games with me, do you really think I’m a fool?”

“Even if I dig the ground, I will find you out, but I am not in a hurry, waiting for them to arrive will be your real death.”

And at that moment in the broken temple.

Each person came in with a pile of food in their hands, and when they went out, they were empty again.

But the pile of stuff inside the temple grew bigger and bigger, filling not only the whole temple but even the courtyard outside.

A group of people were all confused, not knowing what Han Qianqian was up to, and at this time Han Qianqian finally stood up and slowly walked over ……