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His Destined Path Chapter 3371

In the next second, he frowned, looked at the four masters and asked, “Is it true?”

The four of them nodded in unison.

The next second, this person smiled, then rushed towards Ye Shijun with a clasp of his hands, “My subordinate has something to do, so I will go back to report to City Master Zhu first.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, this guy turned around and accelerated towards the ground without looking back.

I thought Zhu Yanshuo had sent a supervisor up here to get the b*****ds to do something, but Ye Shijun couldn’t have imagined that the supervisor would run away!

The government’s policy is to use plutonium as a tool to protect the public from the effects of the disease. /p>

In front of his own face, he f*cking ran away!

You say outrageous or not?!

Ye Shijun was tempted to get angry, but what could he be angry about when people were running away!

Moreover, as he ran away, the gang of four experts, who were already scared, also retreated even further back.

The look on the faces of the gang, if Ye Shijun had not been here, I am afraid that they would have run away on the spot.

And on the ground, when the next overseer came down, Zhu Yan Shuo slightly dissatisfied and puzzled, after all, the above is still in the stagnant stage, not in the least, see the overseer panic look, immediately some dissatisfaction said: “The above has not moved, how did you come down?”

“City …… city lord, this …… this can not move ah.”

“What do you mean you can’t move?” Zhu Yanshuo dissatisfied and drank.

“Does the city lord know, what is that monster beside Han …… Han three thousand?” That subordinate is also very aggrieved ah.

It was not that our side was too weak, but that the enemy was too fierce.

“Speak!” Zhu Yanshuo shouted coldly.

The subordinate nodded and was about to get up and whisper to Zhu Yanshuo’s side, but Zhu Yanshuo didn’t have the heart to do so at this moment, so he shouted, “If you have something to say, just say it, there is no need to do so.”

“But ……”

“Do you have to make me angry?”

“I don’t dare.” That subordinate gritted his teeth, originally wanted to consider the feelings of the group for you, but since you want to do so, it is not my fault, a light cough, said: “that monster is extremely not simple, that …… that is the ancient ferocious …… beast of evil Taotie! !”

“The evil taotie?”

Once I heard this, really Zhu Yan Shuo ground troops immediately exploded, a few older elders are ashen faces.

Even though Zhu Yanshuo is young, but as the city lord is very knowledgeable, naturally also know these evil things, a time when the arrogant anger has disappeared, only a face full of shock.

“Could there be a mistake? Evil Taotie this ancient beast how will reappear on earth? And, even more ridiculous is how it could be willing to be controlled by someone? I’m afraid it’s just a fake, right? To scare us.”

“That’s right, even a god wouldn’t submit to such a thing, let alone a mere man?”

Some people did not believe it.

Zhu Yanshuo’s face looked odd as he mumbled and looked up at Han Qianqian in the sky, not knowing for a moment what to think.

And almost at this time, an old man slowly walked out and shook his head, “No, perhaps …… is true.”

“A person who even possesses a wondrous object like the Pan Gu Axe, if he then just possesses an ancient fierce beast as his divine pet, although it is a bit unbelievable, it is not a fantasy.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the voices of those who questioned him were completely dumbfounded, they were only looking for reasons for their fears or worries, once their reasons were gone, it was the same as extinguishing their last hope.

Zhu Yan Shuo’s teeth were clenched, he couldn’t understand why this Han Qianqian was so magical, he also had some regrets about what he did that day, but once he thought of his sister, he still made up his mind.

“Not to mention the Taotie of Evil, even if the Demon Ancestor shows up, I’ll kill it all!”

“Blow the death trumpet, if anyone does not obey, kill without pardon!”

With those words, his subordinates hurriedly went to work, and Zhu Yan Shuo coldly looked at Han Qianqian in mid-air, “I don’t care who you are, today, you are bound to die here!”


The trumpet blows ……