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His Destined Path Chapter 3433



In the jungle, the trees shook, branches flew, and above the ground, fallen leaves tossed and tendrils began to roll, as if a huge earthquake had suddenly occurred here.

At the same time, all sorts of ghostly cries filled the air, and in a flash, the whole jungle was already in great turmoil.


The Evil Taotie roared, his limbs crouching slightly to the ground, opening his bloody mouth and staring in anger with one eye.

Han Qianqian also did not dare to be careless, his right hand clutching the jade sword, vigilantly looking around.

The trees roared, the forest moved, and a gust of insidious wind attacked.

“Flee, flee, flee!”

A low roar came violently, and at the same time, the tree to Han Qianqian’s left suddenly swung its branches and chopped, attacking Han Qianqian directly.

Han Qianqian shouted and drew his jade sword, his body stood still and the branches broke under his sword.


And almost at the same time, there was a huge explosion, the fallen leaves rose violently, the ground exploded, and the countless boulders buried under the leaves came directly like missiles in the sky.


With a roar of rage, the Evil Taotie charged straight at him, using his incomparably powerful body to shatter the boulders under his four claws.

Faced with the attack from both sides, both the man and the beast used their respective techniques to frantically defuse the attack one by one.


The stream also exploded, and the water that had been flowing obediently on the ground now lifted itself up like a long dragon, roaring and falling from the sky, leaving only the dried up riverbed to prove the existence of the stream.

“Watch out.”

Seeing that the Evil Taotie was completely absorbed by the chaotic rocks and was unaware of the giant dragon of waves coming from behind him, Han Qianqian shouted and summoned back the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel in time. Between his backhand, his right hand still waved the jade sword against the tree branches, while his left hand gathered strength to support the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, directly facing the giant dragon of waves.

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Another roar was heard, but what was completely different from the previous one was that there was no previous explosion in the jungle, instead the jungle was relatively quiet with only the sound of rustling.




But suddenly, just as Han Qianqian shifted his eyes in a strange way, a group of dense and almost scalp-tingling things were approaching them frantically and in a large area in the middle of the jungle in the distance.


When he saw what was coming, Han Qianqian couldn’t help but grit his teeth, it was swarm after swarm, millions or even tens of millions of various mosquitoes, bees and other small flying insects in a super swarm.

Han Qianqian didn’t know how strong they were, but the huge number of insects that could cover the ground was enough to make anyone feel intimidated.


A man and a beast were both busy in their own way, and at this time, when faced with the attack of this swarm of flying insects, they could only manage with their hands and feet for a while, barely coping.

“sh*t, what the hell is this?”

As soon as the flying insects skimmed by, Han Qianqian immediately roared out in pain and horror.

Over there, the Evil Taotie’s body was also clearly twisting, apparently feeling the same pain as Han Qianqian from the flying insects that had swept by.

Han Qianqian looked down and saw that his body looked as if it had been pierced by a million arrows, his body was covered in blood everywhere, and even where there were clothes, there were holes everywhere, and almost every hole could be seen inside the body being bitten open.

“f*ck.” Han Qianqian cursed, this was not a flying insect, this was simply a flying knife that took lives.

If these guys stayed on his body for a few seconds, the elephant would have been turned into a skeleton!

But right now, Han Qianqian’s hands were not empty, and the Evil Taotie was obviously difficult to pull out to deal with. Looking at the hordes of flying insects that were going to fold back after pa*sing through, Han Qianqian gritted his teeth. Looking at the swarm of flying insects that would have to turn back after pa*sing through, Han Qianqian gritted his teeth.

But the Moon Wheel, which lacked the support of the Heavenly Fire, soon fell back into disadvantage against the dragon made of stream water.

At this moment, Han Qianqian was clearly having a very difficult time.

But even so, he had no choice but to brace himself to the death.

However, at that moment, among the trees, the flying insects, the boulders and the water dragons, four figures also began to slowly appear ……