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His Destined Path Chapter 3469

“It’s an interesting question, but it’s also very simple.”

The crab man spoke leisurely and rose slightly: “It is as if we have created something huge and complex, it has its independence, but we also know that it has its uncertainty, and in case the day comes when it loses its balance, should we not prepare a restore button.”

“What you mean is ……”

The crab man’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Han three thousand, perhaps is that button to restart the world.”

Hearing this, the group of people were collectively shocked.

If it was before, when someone said something like that, even if it was their own friends around them, they would have scoffed.

The reboot button of a world means nothing to anyone, it means a new master of this world, and the supreme emperor of this world.

The human beings are just the ants in front of him, and the so-called true gods are just the childish existence of the ants playing house.

This is like a huge humiliation for those of them who have a high status among humans.

But even so, at this moment they do not want to refute, because they are standing in front of Han Qianqian.

This one who holds their infinite expectations and at the same time makes them practice hoochie.

“Although this is easy to say to provoke laughter, but it seems that it is not without such possibility.”

“He holds the Pan Gu axe, his body carries the evil Taotie, the gods and devils are the same body, and there is a bizarre defensive armor on his body, you imagine the last person who could do so, who else could it be?” Someone thought about understanding, then could not help but bitterly laugh and said.

For this question, many people did not answer, this answer in their hearts is actually not difficult to form a consensus.

“All have an answer?” The crab man smiled gently and looked back at the crowd.

The crowd smiled and looked back at him with their eyes, everything was already in words.

The crab man laughed, and a moment later squared up and said, “Although you have the answer, I think you should have some questions in your mind like me, and hope to be proven, right?”

The crowd nodded again, obviously so.

“Well, then, simply ask a clear question on this issue, at least, we can leave this world with peace of mind afterwards.”

“Or, if we have a spirit in the future, we can still tell our descendants openly, tell our children and grandchildren, and also tell the people in this eight-sided world for millions of years, our appearance and existence, is valuable.”

The words fell, the crab man glanced at the crowd, and the crowd once again nodded in unison.

A group of people formed a line and slowly came behind Liang Han.

At this time, Liang Han had just finished reciting all the heart techniques he had memorized one by one, and when he saw the Crab Man and the rest of the group arrive, he let out a bitter smile: “It seems that you all know it too.”

The crab man nodded: “For those who can reach the position of a true god, apart from individual battle madmen, who doesn’t have some brains?”

Liang Han silent, bowing his head and smiling bitterly.

Yes, who says otherwise?

Then, he slowly raised his head and looked at the person who had been beside him.

That person nodded, and then, also recited what he knew about the heart method to Han Qianqian little by little.

Han Qianqian side although there is no movement, still standing there with his eyes closed, like a standing Buddha, but as the man will speak more and more of the mind, Han Qianqian body green light and payment marks disappeared, instead came a burst of fire red light on the surface of Han Qianqian’s body, four strange payment marks also like four small dragons, on top of his chest, slowly moving swimming.

Seeing this state, ten people looked at each other again, revealing a smile.

Immediately after, the crab man walked up, according to the method of the previous two people, the same will be a heart sutra recited to Han Qianqian listen.

Red Qi Bi, small dragon away, a trace of golden light began to envelop Han Qianqian, a great god’s shadow also appeared behind him.

After that, the ten people slightly flanked a few steps back, under the leadership of Liang Han, ten people bowed collectively, rushed to Han Qianqian’s body after a respectful bend salute, look at each other, into a shadow of light slowly away.

Han Qianqian also at this time completed all the operation of the third set of heart method, felt no one on his body, opened his eyes, only to see those light shadows have been extremely far away from himself.

But there is a point of light, but from afar speeding towards himself ……