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His Destined Path Chapter 3470

When Han Qianqian reached out, the point of light was already in front of Han Qianqian, fixed his eyes to see between, it was = a wooden brief about the size of a fist.

After receiving it slightly, its circumference is still emitting a faint golden light.

Jane into a book, light and pull down between, a about dozens of wood Jane formed a small book will be fully displayed in front of Han three thousand.

“We have reached the final juncture of our divine consciousness, naturally, we can no longer say goodbye to you, perhaps, this will be an eternal goodbye.”

“But to be fortunate enough to meet you at the last moment of our lives is the most relieved we have been tortured in this bitter prison land for so long, at least, you have taught us that waiting is meaningful.”

“You have learned all three types of divine skills, including our ten divine skills you also have an excellent grasp, in the future, I hope you to practice diligently, we believe that in the near future, with your strength will be able to outperform the blue, nothing can stop you from the limit.”

“You have been to our graveyard, after you go out from here, you go to our graveyard to pay your respects to us, and then dig our graves, on top of our corpses there are seven unknown divine arts that are precious in the world, we do not know exactly what their power is, but I believe that those more mysterious spells that we can not read at all and can not even recite should have their value of existence and meaning.”

“Finally, we hope you can get out of here, the twin males of the moon pool are more terrifying than you think, I suggest you rest for three days and digest the energy and divine techniques we have given you before you go to the challenge, you can go to the cave outside that hill for rest, by the way, remember, the moon palace in the water but no water.”

“Left by the ten nameless people who are full of expectations for you.”

After reading these wooden letters, Han Qianqian understood that these were the farewell letters left by the ten of them to themselves, with both instructions and encouragement, and also left some valuable treasures to themselves.

Thinking of these, Han Qianqian looked into the distance where they had disappeared, then slightly moved his body and knelt down: “Although we do not have the title of master and disciple, but you have taught me your lifelong power and skills, Han Qianqian should be grateful to each of your seniors.”

With these words, Han Qianqian heaved a sincere prostration toward that place.

A moment later, he raised his head: “Seniors can rest a*sured, whether for my own sake or for your sake, Han Qianqian will certainly break this jungle.”

After the words, Han Qianqian looked back at the evil Taotie looking at him on the shore, a flying body, came to its side.

Patted the guy’s head, one person and one beast turned towards the other side of the hill.

Han Qianqian is a confident person, but also by no means blindly confident, since the ten seniors left a letter specifically instructing himself that it is best to spend three days digesting what he has obtained, then he will honestly listen.

After all, relatively speaking, they can far better understand this place than himself.

Secondly, although the party was more just a test, and therefore did not bring much damage to Han Qianqian’s body, but Han Qianqian also consumed a lot of strength to resist, and now he really needs to rest.

The most important thing is that Han Qianqian is also very strange at this time, why he will unconsciously will be those three secret techniques that he can not understand until now.

The human body instinctively will be a will, but the brain can not understand also always will not, Han three thousand still want to figure out these.

So, Han three thousand need time to recover their physical strength, also need to sort out these, need to digest.

And almost right after Han Qianqian left the moon pool, the sky, the old man sweeping the ground and the eight desolate heavenly book of light and shadow again emerged, the two looked at each other with a smile, and again concealed in layers of white clouds.

The two people did not say even a word, but it is clear that the two people’s eyes and smile, and concealed too much can not say one thing.

And at this time, with the evil Taotie Han three thousand also over the low hill, after looking around, he placed his eyes on a low shrub in the distance from, where, a hidden cave cave entrance hidden ……