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His Destined Path Chapter 3471

“That should be the place.” Han Qianqian looked over and said softly.

The location of the cave is indeed somewhat hidden, if not told in advance that there is a cave, Han Qianqian is afraid that he would not even look at that place.

The evil Taotie slightly out a breath, seems to count as a response.

Han Qianqian also did not delay, with the evil Taotie then rushed all the way over.

When they arrived at the entrance of the cave, looking at some plants around the cave that looked a bit distorted, Han Qianqian could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile.

“Some interesting.”

The surrounding plants are almost all crooked to present a rather bizarre posture, and in the end formed as if a natural cover of a door in general, and the shape of the cave almost exactly match.

Slightly moved away from these, the mouth of the cave will be openly displayed in front of Han Qianqian.

Not much, about two meters high, inside the darkness is very, Han three thousand hands of an energy support a fireball with the line, followed by and evil Taotie one after the other into the cave.

Although the cave is very dark, but it is very strange in this jungle but there should be no dampness, but is abnormally dry, the walls around the cave is also relatively abnormal neat, not like any natural, but more like a man-made.

However, the hole is extremely deep, at least in the winding a few dozen meters after this turn to a deeper place and go.

If this is artificially made, I do not know how long to dig to have such a scale.

After turning the corner and going about seven or eight meters deeper inside, a huge space of four or five hundred square meters appeared in front of Han Qianqian’s eyes with incomparable openness.

There is a huge stone in the cave, although the whole is very sharp, but because of the huge size, so in general, still at its top there is a flat place about a meter long, it seems to be able to lie down a person.

Not far next to the boulder, there are several other broken stones lying there.

A quick glance showed that it was four stools plus a table.

Han Qianqian gave a soft bitter laugh, patted the evil Taotie’s shoulder: “You go out to find some food, don’t go too far, call me if something happens, I will first cultivate.”

The words fell, Han Qianqian a flying body landed on top of the boulder, and then closed his eyes peacefully, once again began to settle down to cultivate, has digested the various types of information received before.

The first ten divine skills are still good, Han Qianqian is only reinforcement practice, forming a muscle memory, naturally can remember very deep.

The time it takes is not too much, about one day will be enough to complete.

Han Qianqian to spend the next two days, mainly for the last three mysterious secret arts used to drill more research, why their own completely unable to understand things, but the body will.

This is a question, but at the same time Han Qianqian can also use the body will be a point to try to give their brains to construct a relatively easy to understand the blueprint.

Of course, even if you can’t understand, but at least you can do an integrated generalization and practice based on the body’s conscious movements.

Say it and do it!

And on the other side of the world in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

In the wooden house, a group of people from the Mystic Alliance and Qinglong, Xiaochunhua and other friends of Han Qianqian, almost all of them were waiting anxiously in the wooden house.

They were waiting for the order to leave to look for Han Qianqian.

But outside the door of the Qin frost and condensing moon and others do not seem to have the tendency to give orders, without Su Yingxia’s opening, how can they give orders? The two of them can only keep their eyes on the distant bamboo house.

Inside the bamboo house, Su Yingxia is anxious, constantly looking out the window, and then look inside the house, seems very hesitant.

“Didn’t I tell you not to worry?” A voice came, apparently, from the Poor Man of Heaven.

“I ……” Su Yingxia wanted to say, Han three thousand have been gone for almost a day still no movement, how can she not worry about it?

“Since you are worried, go out and take a look.” The Poor Man of Heaven laughed.

Hearing this, Su Yingxia obviously froze, but the next second still hurriedly rushed the bamboo house.

Only, just before reaching the door, Su Yingxia’s pupils began to dilate infinitely, and a stunning face was surprised while being refracted by the colorful light ……

“That …… that is ……”