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His Destined Path Chapter 3472

Su Yingxia whole person simply stunned.

Just in front of her line of sight, Han three thousand disappeared away from the far end, where the sky at this time five rays of light from the ground straight to the clouds, in order to make the entire cloud layer at this time like a dream generally colorful.

At this time, the wooden house side of the Qin frost and condensing moon, also because Su Yingxia out of the bamboo house and suddenly came to the spirit, is trying to come over but see her face look dull, wooden look into the distance.

Two people also can not help but curiously follow her gaze to look, this look, the two of them and Su Yingxia almost the same, eyeballs looking at the constant haze over there, completely become a new “husband stone.”

They so, the people in the cabin thought what happened, one also rushed out, along with their appearance after a look, a group of people also the same dumbfounded.

“That is ……” Su Yingxia mumbled, the next second, she suddenly remembered something like, face anxiously and tried to rush over there.

Just as soon as she went, the energy within her body suddenly made her stop directly in place.

“What, worried about your little Ai-chan? Afraid that something will happen to him, want to follow to see?” The Heaven’s Poor Man’s voice surfaced again, with a clear tone of slight flirtation.

Su Yingxia heart is anxious, there is so much commotion, her beloved is in the middle of it, how can she not worry?

But, most of the time she hides and suppresses this emotion, at this time she still subconsciously wants to hide, but after thinking about it, finally nodded.

She has never dared to love and hate, just for Han Qianqian’s hiding nowadays, solely because she feels that it is his hind legs.

“Yes, I am worried about him.”

“Love is to make people feel good, also because of this good so often can make people engraved, blinded, it seems, you love him very much.”

“Yes, but ……”

“Don’t be in a hurry.” The Poor Man of Heaven smiled: “Didn’t I say that love can blind people’s eyes.”

Su Yingxia frowned, a little puzzled.

“If there is blood rushing to the sky, or other such Yin Qi rushing to the sky, you can go to him regardless, which also makes me eat my words, after all, I said he would be fine.”

“But look carefully, what are those lights.”

Five-colored haze light!

Su Yingxia was nudged awake, and the whole person suddenly understood: “The so-called haze light appears, there must be a divine object divine zephyr descend, that is the blessing and riches?”

Hearing Su Yingxia’s words, the Poor Man of Heaven laughed: “En hum!”

“That means that what three thousand he is experiencing now is not a danger, but a blessed encounter?” Su Yingxia asked with some excitement.

The Heaven’s Poor Qi faintly and said: “You are quite clever, reflecting fast enough.”

After receiving the affirmation of the Heavenly Poor Man’s Qi, Su Yingxia’s hanging heart finally relaxed at this time, as long as Han Qianqian is okay, that is the best.

“At least I am also the Poor Angel of Heaven, the ancient thing, you more or less give me some face, keep some confidence in me.” The Poor Angel of Heaven saw Su Yingxia’s emotions stabilized and said softly.

Su Yingxia smiled embarra*sedly and finally nodded obediently, “Then when can he come back?”

My wife and I have been working on a new project for the past two years, and I have been working on a new project for the past two years. /p>

“I’m an ancient beast, not a fortune teller, you do not always ask me, okay? He has his own fortune, we ah, worry about not.”

“This life, seven points of struggle, three points of fate, do not rush, do not rush.”

Seeing this guy so roundly avoiding the issue, Su Yingxia is also extremely helpless, from its words, Su Yingxia can obviously feel it seems to know something, but it is not willing to mention.

“Right, let’s discuss something, okay?” The Poor Man of Heaven suddenly said.

Su Yingxia was stunned: “What?”

“I helped you detoxify, I am now very weak, can you cultivate cultivation? At least give me some nutrition ah, otherwise your little love Lang back or not I do not know, I do know that I am about to live.”

“Ah?” Su Yingxia a little difficult: “But I …… cultivation on …… very …… stupid.”

“Stupid?” The poor man of heaven froze: “You are indeed quite stupid, if not your husband is so smart, I really want to cheat you, just your body …… forget it, I will eat some losses, and then engage in a deal with you.”

“How about I teach you a set of gong methods?”

“You teach me?” Su Yingxia was stunned.

“That’s right, cultivation at least a few hundred times higher, how?”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course you can, however, I have a condition ……”