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His Destined Path Chapter 3473

“Conditions?” Su Yingxia was stunned.

In fact, Su Yingxia was eager for her power to grow, at least, it meant that she had more ability to protect herself.

The more she could protect herself, the less she could help Han Qianqian with anything, but at least she could not hold him back, just like Senior Sister Qin Shuang did.

Therefore, if this condition of the Poor Man of Heaven is an acceptable range, she is bound to be willing.

“Before I say the condition, let me ask you a question.” The Poor Man of Heaven said.

Su Yingxia nodded her head like pouring garlic.

“He loves you very much, this I can see, you also love him very much, this I also know very well, but, who loves who more?” The Poor Man of Heaven laughed heatedly.

Su Yingxia froze, this is a very difficult question to ask, and, most importantly, is there any necessary connection between this question and teaching her the heart technique?

“Of course there is a connection, and the connection is very strong, you must think about it before you answer me.” The Poor Man of Heaven laughed softly.

Su Yingxia was even more puzzled, why was she so serious?

However, since Heaven’s Poor Man asked, and she had asked him, then she was bound to answer properly.

“I think we can give everything to each other, including life and death, but I think he loves me more, right?”

“Very well.” The Poor Man of Heaven nodded.

“By the way, why exactly are you asking this?”

“It’s simple, he loves you more, that is, the more pa*sive party, then he will definitely listen to what you say, right?” The Poor Man of Heaven asked heatedly.

Su Yingxia didn’t even have to think much before she nodded her head.

As long as she had opened her mouth, no matter how difficult it was, Han Qianqian would try her best to satisfy, this, Su Yingxia had gone all the way and was naturally clear.

“Hey, hey, that is the best, I want, is you this mother tiger, the deal is reached, into the house, I teach you some heart method, hey, that is the old man used to steal others, domineering very le.”

Hearing these words, Su Yingxia originally took the legs, suddenly Ling in mid-air: “ah? Female tiger? And, what did you say? Theft?”

“The front is not important, as for the back of the well, hum, that son of a b*tch before with this can not let me suffer a lot, I must steal his mother.”

“But don’t worry, that old thing died long ago, hey, go, practice to.”

“But …… this is not too good, right?” Su Yingxia some difficulties, she learned of course want to learn, but the problem is the theft of other people’s things, which is always a bit on the moral level to make people embarra*sed.

“Go, go, go, this thing can be very god.”

The words fell, not waiting for Su Yingxia what reflection, the poor Qi of heaven has manipulated Su Yingxia into the bamboo house, began to teach her “stolen” heart method.

The first thing you need to do is to use your brain and body to go through all the techniques and techniques left behind by the ten people, without noticing that your body is already full of colors.

These rays wrapped him tightly and then rose all the way up, straight through the entire cave and into the clouds, causing a large swath of five-colored haze.

The only thing that I can do is to tell you that I’ve got a lot of money to spend on this. /p>

And when these are over, Han Qianqian still did not idle, he began to advance the mysterious method left to himself by those three people to reorganize and cultivate.

He still remembers those movements, and even without the need to go through the brain, the body can move on its own, but the strange thing is that those heart spells and what not, even now once again, he does not understand at all what it is actually saying, and even some strange pronunciation even now, still not clear enough to read.

“Strange, what’s going on?”

Han Qianqian paused slightly and couldn’t help but ask in his mind with self-doubt.

This couldn’t be described as perverse, but downright counterintuitive.

This is like no one teaches you arithmetic, but you can solve all kinds of high numbers, isn’t this pure bullsh*t?

But now, this unbelievable phenomenon is really happening to yourself.

“Could it be that it has something to do with my golden body?”

Han Qianqian seemed to have suddenly thought of the crux of the matter.

“Or maybe it’s the blood of the demon dragon?”

They were all part of their own bodies, naturally, something that they would have known before, without even needing their own brains to understand, they reliably instinctively completed the cast.

This was the only reasonable explanation.

“I know what it is!!!”

Han three thousand suddenly shouted, followed by the whole person also violently opened his eyes ……