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His Destined Path Chapter 3474

“It’s the golden body!”

Han Qianqian’s entire being exclaimed out loud almost simultaneously.

Yes, although there were two possibilities, but Han Qianqian could clearly remember the fundamental reason why he was able to press the Demon Dragon’s Soul inside himself so that it could not get out at all.

That’s right, it’s the golden body.

The golden body is obviously at least a notch above the demon dragon, so if you have to choose between the two, then the golden body is clearly the wisest choice.

The second thing is that the golden body is somehow really the most like and the most likely to operate one’s body’s subconscious thus allowing one to perform the corresponding actions of those dharmas that one simply does not understand.

“What exactly is your origin?”

Han Qianqian could not help but ask strangely to his golden body, which was simply too unbelievable.

“You used to know these secret techniques, right?”

Obviously, not only did the group of true god souls see the essence of the matter clearly, but Han Qianqian himself could also figure this out.

Only if he would, he could automatically come out under the subconscious, and moreover, the kind of very skilled would.

This is like at the time of the Earth, people learned to ride a bicycle, but because of the development and forward movement of society, resulting in the bicycle as a means of transportation began to be eliminated, people mostly choose cars and other means of travel.

But even in this case, if one day really want to suddenly change to ride a bicycle, that even if the decades of silence of the bicycle technology, but also subconsciously automatically emerge.

This is a kind of instinctive reflection after being exceptionally skilled.

Obviously, this is the case now.

“Actually, I can understand that those true gods are unable to figure out these three spells, after all, the order of the statements and the odd pronunciation of these mind techniques are actually not like our current human pronunciation, it is more like an extremely ancient language.”

“It seems, not from the current stage, but, from the ancient times.”

Although the Poor Man of Heaven was not here, Han Qianqian could not confirm this conjecture from the presence of this ancient fierce beast, but with more and more ancient things, Han Qianqian had already begun to determine that there was definitely a world that existed before such a break in the past.

Since there is that world exists, then it is not impossible that this magic secret technique is something from the ancient times.

But this also exists a fine thought of fear, their own golden body if they know these ancient spells, then it ……

Also from the ancient times?

Han Qianqian thought of this, the whole person could not help but slightly suck a cold breath.

If that’s the case, that’s too terrifying, right?

A helpless sigh, the golden body that has followed him for many years, but actually hides so many secrets, it really makes one feel quite surprised.

However, what exactly is his origin?

Han Qianqian can’t understand, obviously, ask it is not realistic, the only thing you can do now is to let everything go and try to be in the moment.

Since it will, then Han Qianqian also simply make a bargain, let him subconsciously drive himself to cultivate, anyway, can not lose, right?

The idea is that Han Qianqian is no longer idle and recites all those difficult and awkward mind techniques one by one, then the whole person also presents a completely relaxed posture, so that the body can reach a state where it can move on its own.

Just a few minutes later, Han Qianqian’s body once again began to move slowly with the instincts and recipes.

And his body, as before, first the green light with the talisman chain, followed by the red light with the flying dragon, and finally, the golden light and the shadow of the Great God appeared.

The three odd doors were once again pa*sed by him, and this time pa*sed, another whole day.

When the third day came, Han Qianqian for the three ancient doors have basically had a certain amount of their own past muscle memory, while he began to rely on his own memory without the help of the body’s subconscious little by little cultivation.

This is somewhat difficult, but the good thing is that Han Qianqian will soon be able to basically master it by himself.

Then along with this, Han Qianqian reverse began to reason about the meaning of some of the mind recipes, and soon after, Han Qianqian gradually began to decipher some of the words that he did not know, but also began to be surprised to find some of the amazing secrets about the three spells ……