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His Destined Path Chapter 3475

“The Phantom Emperor!”

“Burning Silence!”


If there is no mistake, these are the three corresponding names for them.

Breaking dreams and swallowing souls, ode to the power of its power, is the Phantom Emperor.

Where the fire pa*ses, ten thousand bones its withering, is the Burning Silence.

The darkness is determined, and the power of the ancient world is the Taixu.

Of the three mind techniques, the Emperor of Ghosts is the master, the Burning Silence is the master of the weapon and the Taixu is the master of the body.

In other words, the Phantom Emperor is a kind of defense, to absorb the opponent’s power to form the armor of self-defense, this kind of method is somewhat similar to the Phantomless Divine Technique, belongs to the typical strong when encountering strong, weak when encountering weak.

My mothballed headphones are now in the dark. /p>

The burning silence is the attack method, similar to Han Qianqian’s sky fire, but there is a great difference, if the sky fire is not too much manipulation of Han Qianqian tracking missiles, then the burning silence is more like Han Qianqian’s hands of dynamite packets.

As for how powerful this dynamite bag, Han Qianqian is not clear, the heart method only said that its fury over, ten thousand bones will wither.

The last one is Taixu.

Even though Han Qianqian translated the heart method into some words through movements, it was still somewhat difficult to understand its true meaning.

He only roughly translated the meaning of what is the Great Way without action, if only on guessing, this kind of should be related to the regulation of internal power.

But this is only a general, the content inside is too profound, by no means rely on some action or something can reverse the inference of the relevant meaning.

On this point, Han Qianqian is not particularly anxious, because one thing Han Qianqian knows very well is that these things really come from the ancient times.

The description on it was short, and there was no specific mention of the year, but the phrase on it, shortly after the beginning of heaven and earth, already stretched its existence a long, long time ago.

“It seems that the fault line is real, and more and more ancient things are starting to appear constantly also confirming this.”

“However, anything anyone in this world, existence and appearance has its meaning, the arrival of these things, and what does it mean?”

Han Qianqian did not understand.

Could it be that all those things from before the fault were about to appear? Is the cause of the fault also about to appear? But what does all this have to do with oneself?

Even though Han Qianqian never belittled himself, he would never be so arrogant as to involve himself with the great events of this world.

Han Qianqian couldn’t understand and didn’t want to think about it, all he wanted to know at the moment was how powerful the total of thirteen divine skills he cultivated were.

But the thirteen things to try is really laborious, although not worried about the seal of the earth back, but Han Qianqian is always human, will be tired.

Finally, Han Qianqian decided to try three ancient methods.

The Emperor of the You is naturally not conditioned, after all, this needs an opponent, can not take the evil Taotie to be a mouse.

He is at least an ancient beast, although the tiger falls flat sun is bullied by dogs, but in the end is to follow their own, there is no need to lose face.

Then the rest is also the burning silence and Taixu.

The Tai Xu is still a little confused about what its significance is, naturally do not know what he is actually doing, Han Qianqian decided to set aside for the time being.

Therefore, it is left with the so-called burning silence.

In fact, Han Qianqian has also been carrying on the body of the “explosive bag” in the end how powerful and hold a deep sense of curiosity.

So, for reason, it is currently the most anticipated “thing” since they closed for three days.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian also no nonsense, and even quite anxiously will be directly a transport magic energy.


Just a movement, the surrounding fire red color will instantly cover the whole body, four dragon-like talisman seal also instantly in its chest around.

“Where the fire pa*ses, ten thousand bones will wither!”


The next second, as if some organ had been opened, the four talisman seals suddenly changed their original trajectory and merged slightly on their chests.


The four symbolic seals leapt directly and instantly entered Han Qianqian’s arm.

And almost at the same time, Han Qianqian’s arm suddenly burst into red light, like a red-hot iron ……