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His Destined Path Chapter 3476

And the most let Han three thousand feel horrible is not hand at this time as burning red pincers, but even in this state, he actually can not feel the slightest pain, and, his burning red right hand between this time there is an invisible force is filling in, so much so that even his hand, at this time he has some control over it.

“Good …… good strength!” Han three thousand surprised, hard to believe looking at his right hand.


Suddenly, the right hand violently raised unconsciously, the tremendous force even nearly pulled Han Qianqian on a stagger, after which, under its lead, also under the cooperation of Han Qianqian, the right hand directly a fist raised, violently aimed at the wall next to the stone wall a fist will blast over.


This fist past, suddenly the ground shook, as if the sky collapsed, originally at least three or four meters high huge space, hard under this fist, the roof of the cave as if lifted by a person, and then fell with a bang, if not the cave body in more than two meters high when there is a solid base, fear is on the spot will directly collapse into a party.

Not to mention the cave, at this time the entire cave attached to the hill, but also directly a shake, if someone from the sky looking down, must see the hill actually terrifying towards the direction of Han three thousand force slightly shifted nearly a centimeter long.


And the cave of Han Qianqian, at this time has been falling rocks made a dusty, but his attention is obviously not on this, but a pair of eyes glared like a cow, dead look at the place where his fist impact at this time.

A dent of nearly half a meter, about a meter in diameter, a huge crater in front of their own eyes.

If the place where his arm force can be longer, Han Qianqian does not even have the slightest doubt that his fist can even directly penetrate this cave.

Around the fist, the broken stones had hidden inside the wet soil, but at this time they are the same as those stones, do not know what blaze is baked, is completely scorched black.

“This is too exaggerated, right?” Han Qianqian was a little dumbfounded.

This know still know that this is full of stone wall cave, this if not know, are still think they punch on the cotton.

“sh*t, the ancient secret method, is really horrible like this?”

Han Qianqian also counted learning a lot of powerful techniques, such as Lu Ruoxin’s sword formation and splitting golden body, and had also learned the 72 divine swords taught to him by his master.

But I have to say, these techniques seem to compare with this move now, simply in terms of offensive overbearing, simply a little far from it.

This thing a punch down, as if they brought a train in the hands of the general, the impact is simply unimaginable.

Moreover, this train is also like a train filled with oil, a crash and a burst, under the full force, not to mention how horrible others will be hit, even Han Qianqian himself now just think, can not help but tremble all over.

Brutal, too brutal.

“Bullish, simply too bullish, I like it.” The corner of Han Qianqian’s mouth revealed a smile, followed by a retreat of Qi energy from his body and withdrew his hand.


It’s cool to think about it.

The group has ten thousand axe axe formation, plus the earth fire and thunder dragon, the sword has seventy-two ways divine sword, now above the empty hand also has such a fist wind, this simply makes Han Qianqian at this time the means of attack is exceptionally rich.

Thinking of this, even Han Qianqian can’t help but giggle with joy.

However, just after Han Qianqian was about to withdraw his hand, he suddenly subconsciously looked at the wall crater that he had shattered, but suddenly frowned.

There is something in the wall!

Although all around the flames are burned pitch-black, but also because the surrounding pitch-black, Han Qianqian accidentally found in the wall of rubble, seems to be some gold glittering things.

He quickly plucked away the black ash on the wall, and then found a piece of gold fragment about the size of a fingernail cap among the small ruins.

As thin as a leaf.

And as Han Qianqian plucked away the black ash, Han Qianqian vaguely found that what was hidden inside this wall was actually more than that one small gold piece, but there were many.

“Difficult to say, also found the gold mine?” Han Qianqian thought strangely.

“No, not a gold mine, is ……”

Han three thousand suddenly thought of something, immediately after, he fiercely slightly a withdrawal, about a meter away from the wall, and then shake his eyes to look at the entire mountain wall, he suddenly slapped his thigh: “I understand!”