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His Destined Path Chapter 3477

The words fell, Han Qianqian fiercely re-transported a wave of energy in his hands, and then slightly coalesced, aimed at the entire wall in front of him, and boom is a palm and go.

The energy in the palm is fierce, but also extremely scattered and even, as it directly hit the wall, immediately, the entire wall shuddered, a large amount of dust also scattered from all around.


In the next second, the wall fell off, and along with the dust flying was a golden glow that was reflected as far as the eye could see.

“It’s true!”

Han Qianqian, who was illuminated by the golden light, revealed elation in his eyes at this moment.

On top of the wall, along with the outer layer of the wall falling off, a golden wall reappeared in front of Han Qianqian.

Through those broken gold leaf-like things more and more, Han Qianqian soon found that they are not any gold minerals, and definitely not any gold vessels, but more like a kind of wallpaper made of gold.

Thinking of this Han Qianqian back when carefully observed the wall in front of him, found that these stones cast by the wall is indeed quite flat, and some slight drum, so there is just a bold guess and behavior.

As it turns out, Han Qianqian’s vision and brain were considered good, and he saw it correctly.

“What is this?”

But what surprised Han Qianqian was that what was hidden behind this stone wall was not only a golden wall, but more importantly, there were many, many things carved on top of the golden wall.

When Han Qianqian increased the energy firelight to the maximum, those things also revealed their true faces.

It was a variety of small human paintings, and there were some words around them making descriptions.

“It’s a gong method!” Han Qianqian stared with a frown.

The little people on each painting were doing all kinds of weird poses, and when you looked at them alone, you seemed to think that they were records of some kind of life trajectory, but if you looked at them together, it was clear that they should be the practice moves of some kind of heart method.

There is actually a set of mind techniques hidden here?

Han Qianqian whole person is quite surprised, approaching to take a look at those words, sometimes have to say see ghosts will be easier to see ghosts.

To be precise, they are like words of some kind.

Very strange, but it does not move at all what it expresses exactly what the meaning.

But intuitively, Han Qianqian seems to think they are words again.

“Ancient writing.”

Han Qianqian was almost certain of this.

“Ancient things again, it’s just that what those True God seniors taught me is ancient, how can ancient words also appear in a small cave?”

“Since when did ancient things become rotten cabbages everywhere?”

Han Qianqian is really angry and funny, this is really too much bullsh*t.

These things, many people may not be able to find a lifetime, even before the group of eight worlds of the true gods of the predecessors, so high status, full of legendary in the human race, but in the end only a glimpse of two, this own good, not only the ancient beasts, there are ancient gongfu.

Moreover, it is not a kind of even if, but with the nest like a bomb, one after another.

This is to become the ancient recycling station? Everything is a brain to their own here to get.

However, gas is gas, the ancient things that are good things ah ……

Moreover, the most important point is that the previous three ancient arts, the three true gods predecessors can not understand the study and just pa*s on to themselves the heart technique recipe.

Now it is different!

Not only does it have the heart technique recipe, but even the steps of how to cultivate it are clearly drawn.

So, the front is equivalent to the rice to their own front, now this is the rice is not only to their own front, but also with a spoon well fed into their mouth, there is no reason not to eat well.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian directly hands, began to follow the golden wall above the things, a model of learning up.

And at this time the sky above, ha ha loud laughter simply incessant.

“Almost to the old me to die of laughter, the goods just now the expression you see, a self doubt life silly look, ha ha ha ha, he must think he himself is not the cattle luck sky, miscellaneous what ancient things to him there.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed and rolled on the ground with his hand over his stomach.

The old man laughed bitterly and shook his head: “If that kid knows that it was you who tampered with the letters of the ten guys, it will certainly not end with you.”