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His Destined Path Chapter 3478

Speaking of this, the old man sweeping the ground looked at the eight desolate heavenly book, did not say more, but each of the laughter is not hidden in the slightest.

Eight Desolate Heavenly Book heard the words, and then time is haha laugh.

“Hahahahaha, you don’t make me laugh, I’m about to get a stomachache from laughing, ouch I go.”

The sweeping old man looked at him laughing like that, helplessly shook his head slightly and laughed: “Ai, poor Han Qianqian probably thought until now, that cave was that gang had lived in it.”

“Although he had pa*sed by that vicinity before, but who would pay attention to whether there was anything around there?”

“Before he went into the cave, I saw him staring at the vegetation at the entrance of the cave, and I guess he was wondering why these plants grew so coincidentally, and actually happened to match the cave entrance exactly.”

Hearing the helpless and flirtatious words of the old man sweeping the ground, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed even more wildly for a time: “That kid probably could never have imagined that one day he would be fooled around.”

“Always, ah, only this kid fooled others, today I am happy to be able to fool him like this, I am simply about to die laughing, hahahaha.”

The sweeping old man helplessly let out a bitter laugh: “You just go ahead and laugh, if he knows that you tricked him, I’m afraid that by then you can’t laugh even if you want to.”

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you oh, that kid is not just a casual fool.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books did not care, looked at the old man, said: “I said you do not keep putting sh*t on my head oh, change the contents of the wooden brief is not a person doing, you are also involved in it.”

The old man sweeping the ground also does not care at all, leisurely and said: “I do admit that I also participated in this matter, but the cave was made by you, the wooden brief for him to go to the cave to recuperate was also changed by you. As for me, I am just the one who made up the Heaven’s Trick in the wall.”

“If we settle accounts in the future, what’s it to me? I, at best, was involved in it, but from beginning to end, I just taught him the mastery, he can’t thank me enough, how can he resent me, but you …… hum!”

Once you hear the words of the old man sweeping the ground, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books immediately smile frozen, the back of the spine chills.

sh*t, this f*cking seems to be right ah.

After this big circle, it seems that the two people are working together, but in fact the pot is all on their own ah.

He really hadn’t noticed this, he thought ……

“Holy sh*t, you’re too shady, right? This f*cking ……”

Say good together to play it, say good together to do it, how to play with their own completely far away from it?

This f*cking ……

The old man sweeping the ground chuckled: “All right, don’t look like this, even if he knows the truth, he may not have time to come to you for revenge.”

Speaking of this, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books put away his smile, and the whole person also suddenly turned serious: “This, said also.”

“We’re a bit plucky, which also means that the process in between is exceptionally dangerous.”

The sweeping old man nodded and let out a long sigh: “But, there is only this one seedling of his, and this is really a helpless move.”

“I also know that he is dangerous and face what will be, otherwise, I would not have given him the Skill of Heaven in advance.”

“If he is able to pa*s, he can naturally grow by leaps and bounds to deal with the next more complicated situation. If he is unable to persevere and breaks during our plucking process, then we can only say that the time is right and fate is right.”

Eight Desolate Heavenly Books shook his head, regained some spirit and said, “Ahem, so pessimistic for what, he is Han three thousand, he is the only seedling, he can not who can?”

“You also have a point.” The sweeping old man nodded: “Since he chose the person, we should naturally also have full confidence, I also believe that this sun and moon pond can eventually break, I also believe that Han three thousand this seedling, will eventually grow into a gigantic tree.”

The words fell, the two men’s gaze again lowered, looking at the layers of cloudy grievances under the jungle deep in the cave.

And at this time, inside the cave, in accordance with the wall above the stay chart and text, Han Qianqian’s body began to move in an extremely bizarre posture crazy, and his body at this time ……