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His Destined Path Chapter 3479

A stream of light, with Han Qianqian’s posture, with the movement and movement.

The light, like light smoke, like fine water, white, dreamy with a little bit of divine illusion.

And Han Qianqian himself is focused on the wall, continue to seriously swing body, practicing gongfu.

This is a set of pneumatic eight wilderness, body stepping on the nine sides of the comprehensive art, footsteps main defense with attack, not only allows you to use defense at all times to seize the first opportunity, but also when you have the first opportunity to launch an attack, exceptionally subtle.

The body technique is based on the way of the king, and it is a fierce and vicious way to kill.

With the heart method, the whole body can be transported to the power, waving between the gas can be broken eight wilderness, the body stepped on the nine sides of the might, but also without the real gas, transformed into a set of pure offensive and defensive techniques, simply can be up and down, can be high-end atmosphere can also be down to the ground.

It is simply the killing of goods, home travel essential gods.

Something good, Han three thousand practice is also up, this practice, and is a whole night pa*sed.

When the next day dawned, a drop of dew fell slowly in the cave entrance, smashed on top of the stone, emitting an unusually small sound.

And it is this tiny sound, the cave at dawn because of excessive exertion and sleep Han Qianqian slightly opened his eyes.

For three days and three nights, Han Qianqian basically completed everything he should have planned, and at the same time, took the last time he should have rested up to learn and master the extra Heaven’s Skill.

Not to mention Han Qianqian, even an iron man could not withstand such intense exertion, so tired that after learning and mastering it, he unconsciously fell asleep.

However, although it was hard, but Han Qianqian felt that it was worth it, at least, he had gained a lot.

He now even have a kind of happy trouble, from the original barren, to now a little rich do not know which to use, this burst of feeling although most of the time they despise, but really happened to their own, but still can not help but shout a good.

The evil Taotie also did not know when to come back, curled up next to Han three thousand sound asleep, see Han three thousand wake up, it also confused open their own that eye.

“Let’s go, what’s coming will always come, staying here is not a solution.” Han Qianqian patted the evil Taotie, after which, he stood up.

Looking back, I don’t know when, the golden wall has disappeared, leaving only a wall of stone and mud mixed cave wall, but just a chicken feather.

The evil Taotie moved his body, bumped Han Qianqian’s arm, seems to be refuting Han Qianqian’s words, clearly not what he just said, but just Han Qianqian this guy itchy hands, want to find opponents to try.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The words fell, he took the lead and walked straight out of the cave, the evil Taotie shook his head, also followed in his footsteps and left.

When the sunlight again, when re-breathing the outside air, at this time Han three thousand can not help but feel a burst of refreshment.

This is the first time that the government has been able to provide a comprehensive range of services to the public. /p>


The company’s main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem.

A long sigh, murmuring deep look at this piece of water, Han Qianqian’s heart silently thanked the ten seniors.

A few moments later, Han Qianqian withdrew his gaze, regrouped, and looked out over the entire water pool.

The moon pool existed double gods, where are they at this moment? Before and ten true gods seniors big fight, so much noise does not seem to attract them at all, could they not be here?

But the fact is again, they are really here ah.

“Han Qianqian is here to challenge, please also show yourself.”

Han Qianqian jade sword a draw, horizontal flight to the center of the water pool, luck and roar!

The words fell, echoes swirled, and then the water at this time ……