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His Destined Path Chapter 3480

Looking around, the water is quietly quiet.

Occasional aftershocks, all seem to be the fish in the water frolicking, gently and swing.

Han three thousand frown, grandmother, really do not come out?

Do we have to use violent means?

But on second thought, this possibility can be basically ruled out.

After all, the previous commotion so big, to come out long ago, and, the ten seniors to help themselves, for the moon pool of the twin gods, if they know it will certainly come to stop, after all, to help their enemies grow, it is not the same as and they are not?

But in fact, not only did they not come out to stop it, they didn’t even bring a shadow to show.

“Strange, where did it go?” Han Qianqian frowned, unusually curious.

Also at this time, the side of the evil Taotie is a soft whisper, Han Qianqian obedient eyes, see it made a strange movement, immediately understand what it means is.

“sh*t, you do not say I also forgot, wood Jane.”

“Moon Palace in water but no water!”

Han Qianqian suddenly remembered the hint in the bamboo brief.

The meaning of the words seemed to be telling himself that the place where the twin gods were also known as the Moon Palace in the water existed in a waterless place?

That is, not in the pool?

A careful review of the surrounding area, then this jungle is also large, where to find?

“No, he should be in the water.” Han three thousand timely denied the previous speculation and dissection.

The focus of this statement is indeed in the water Moon Palace but no water without water and the word, but there is a fact but still can not be ignored, that is its name.

Moon Palace in the water.

Both called this name, it should certainly be the palace in the water to.

So, it is in the water.

There is no water in the water, does it mean the bottom of the lake underground?

There is not in the water, but there is no water?

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian a pat of evil Taotie told him to wait in place after the whole person will directly a flying body into the water.

After that, following the trend of the water, Han Qianqian began to look for clues about the moon palace in the water.

But just think about how excited here, this circle to find down after how desperate.

Until noon, Han Qianqian basically has the entire moon pool all the ground have searched for a place, in addition to the largest inlet in the center of a relatively convex place, the entire bottom of the moon pool is unusually flat and mostly silt, this situation, not to mention what the moon palace hidden underneath, is the most common but small underground chamber can never exist.

Han Qianqian tried those mud, soft simply a step, if the moon palace is built underneath, I’m afraid it has long collapsed.

“Wrong idea.”

Han Qianqian frowned tightly and muttered.

Yes, it turns out that the guesses he just made are completely wrong.

The Moon Palace in the Water did not exist underground at all.

“But, where is it again?”

Han Qianqian raised his eyes and looked in the path and direction of that area leading to the sun pool.

There layers of Yin Qi formed a huge barrier, surrounded by silence and thought, that is a barrier.

If the Moon Palace could not be broken, Han Qianqian believed that the barrier would never disappear, and his path forward would be completely blocked.

But, right now, all the places that can be searched have been searched, Han Qianqian really didn’t know what to do for a while.


“Could it be that there is a mistake in the information?”

Han three thousand will take the wooden brief out again, carefully look at the moon palace in the water but no water seven big words, he is sure is not wrong, should also be no misunderstanding.

Then where exactly is the problem?

Han Qianqian can not understand, even if the brain burst, but also can not think clearly.

About half an hour later, Han Qianqian is still considering, but the evil Taotie has long been waiting for some impatience, I do not know because the weather is hot, or bored, the goods a flutter will jump directly into the water, and then happy to play with the water.

Han three thousand helpless bitter laugh, looking at this guy for a time also some envy, after all, sometimes can not speak, can not think may not be a good thing I, at least he does not have to be like himself, always have to go for some things to hurt their brains, he so happy days are also quite good.

Bitter smile closed, Han three thousand intends to rethink their own questions, however, at this point, he seems to have suddenly thought of something like, the whole person a sudden shock.

“I know what it means to have a moon palace in water but no water!”