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His Destined Path Chapter 3481

The next second, Han Qianqian fiercely rose again, followed by a fierce into the water.

But this time, Han Qianqian but did not delay too much time in the water, all the way straight to the largest water inlet raised platform.

When re-arrived at this platform again, looking at its raised shape, Han Qianqian revealed a smile.

“It really is.”

This was not a riverbed at all, it was the same thing.

Or to put it simply, it could be a certain key.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian’s hand moved, and Burning Silence immediately turned Han Qianqian’s right hand directly into a fiery red branding iron, and the tremendous heat even caused the surrounding lake water to start boiling at this time, and then, Han Qianqian aimed at the bulge and smashed his fist directly and heavily.


With this fist huge force and attack, the bulge is obviously its violent shock, a large amount of mud mixed with the pool water, a time is muddy not survey.

However, even so, Han Qianqian’s eyes are gleaming, a motionless stare at the muddy bulge.

Soon, affected by the momentum of the water, when the turbidity dispersed, a thing appeared in front of him.

It was a big bottom and a small top, like a triangular tower, and at the tip of the tower, a fist-sized thing stood at the top, surrounded by lines and gaps, apparently a button-like thing that can be pressed.

Previously from here, here’s covered by the mud, Han Qianqian did not pay too much attention until the evil Taotie Fang frolicking in the water, Han Qianqian suddenly understood that the moon palace in the water but no water is what it means.

But that’s just a guess, to make this guess a reality, Han Qianqian need to have a supporting evidence.

And this thing in front of him, is the supporting evidence.

Immediately after, Han Qianqian took a slight step forward, withdrew the burning silence, gently placed his hand on the fist-sized object, followed by endowed breathing, and pressed hard.


A crunching sound came, everything, it seems, was peaceful and incomparable, nothing moved.

However, in the next second, the whole trend of the water suddenly rose wildly.

Han Qianqian was like entering a rushing sea, his body was wildly pulled and swayed.

But this is obviously nothing for Han Qianqian.

Just an acceleration of the body, an energy shield will be directly on the body, surrounded by the wild gush of the current also became irrelevant to him in a moment.

Next Han Qianqian an acceleration, directly from the water to fly out, overhead in mid-air, and look at.

At this time, the water pool has long been calm, the bottom is the undercurrents surge, the surface is also rough, a time as if someone suddenly opened the gate to release the water in general.

Originally also playing in the water is very strong evil of Taotie, at this time also look at the water flow quickly and the whole person directly dumbfounded, puzzled looking at their side of the water quickly fade away.

“Is really in the release of water.”

Han three thousand face, the whole person living in mid-air can clearly see, the entire moon pool of water is fading rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Not long, the pool water will completely flow clean, and absorb them, it is the most central part of the moon pool, where as a huge vortex.

Hand a move, Han three thousand a energy directly to the evil Taotie lift.

A few minutes later, in the eyes of the two waiting, the entire moon pool of water almost in a moment fully reduced by two-thirds, and should have converged to this river, all of a sudden the water stalled in the air, not into the water.

When a few minutes later, the water in the pool has almost completely dried up, almost the entire bottom of the moon pool and the entire appearance of the lake is clearly visible.

As the moon like hook round terrain, about ten meters deep from the ground, when see the surrounding fruit exposed river bank, Han three thousand know, he has found the so-called water moon palace.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

And almost at this time, with the last drop of water completely in the center of a spring about the size of a thumb completely disappeared after the whole ground began to shake wildly.


Boom! Rumble!!!

The surrounding trees swayed, and the things at the edge of the riverbank were even destroyed in the shaking, and under the riverbed, a behemoth like a crescent moon began to topple the riverbed, slowly rising ……

“Moon Palace in the water, you finally appeared!”