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His Destined Path Chapter 3482

In Han Qianqian hot gaze, the riverbed under the huge thing has risen more and more, until a moment later, a huge lofty “monster” will boom up.

It was a huge crescent-shaped palace, the whole silver gray-based, iron-like, non-iron, non-rock-like material is its main body.

Even with the river bank as its horizon, it is at least a dozen meters in overall height, in the very center of the crescent, a city gate standing leisurely.

The door is about three meters high, double, each about two meters wide, the whole body is full of iron horns, like thorns. On the book, the Water God Moon Palace four big words, but does not add any majestic meaning, but more to help here between the slightest strange and cold.

“This is the real meaning of the Moon Palace in water but no water.”

Han Qianqian looked at this huge and lofty palace, heart mixed, there is self-affirmation, there is also a slight shock.

Evil Taotie in playing with water, see those splashes, Han Qianqian was thinking, the so-called no water will refer to the entire moon pool without water?

If so, then it is possible that the entire moon pool is the moon palace.

Thinking of this, and then linked to the previous Han Qianqian underwater search for the Moon Palace found that the riverbed at the bottom of the pool almost all covered by silt, Han Qianqian suddenly seemed to understand everything.

But for all this to be confirmed, a key point is still needed.

So, Han Qianqian thought of the raised place.

If it is still holding the idea that the moon palace is underground, then that bump should naturally not count for anything, but if you switch to the latter thinking, then the meaning is very different.

So, in the end, Han Qianqian was right.

He really found the so-called Moon Palace in the water!


A loud sound, followed by the sound of iron chains rolling, the two huge iron doors in front of him began to slowly be pulled open, revealing the eerie and dark interior of the palace.

Han Qianqian and the evil Taotie looked at each other, the next second, one person and one beast got up and stepped through the doors and walked into the palace.

Almost in the instant of just entering it, a disgusting fishy smell is directly to the nose, not to mention Han Qianqian, even the evil Taotie this guy is also choked straight flip head.

As the two entered, the two doors behind them were then re-closed. When there is no outside light into, already quite dark inside the power supply, a time into a more dark and silent atmosphere.

Not to mention whether you can continue to go forward, even if you can’t see five fingers.

Boom, boom, boom!

A burst of sound, all around suddenly the candle flame is bright, one after another lights up in the surrounding area.

And as the lights brightened, the entire dark interior of the palace was also occupied by light, and the view of the palace was in full view.

The palace is very large, the ground is paved with gray bricks, with the corrosion of the years on it, looks quite a sense of age.

The entire interior of the palace is unusually open, which is different from what was not placed, only two huge two-headed snakes are located in front.

The only thing I can say on the fine, is that at this time hanging countless lights on the wall, they are the kind of iron non-iron, like stone non-stone strange material made, but its surface is carved with many lifelike similar to 3D general patterns.

But most of these patterns are bizarre, both the devil and snakes, and some twisted strange things, Han Qianqian slightly more than a few eyes, then suddenly felt a dizzy, really make people feel quite bizarre.


Almost at this time, Han Qianqian directly in front of the entire palace, the uppermost position, and two lights suddenly bright.

The fire is not as bright as other wall fires, and even less stable, ghostly and more like a ghost fire jumping, in their reflection, the two chairs below also appeared.

Only, its strange shape and jumping fire light to each other, adding countless weirdness to the place.

Han Qianqian and the Evil Taotie looked at each other, followed by one person and one beast lifting their steps and looking around carefully, keeping their guard up at all times.

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Three loud sounds rang out, followed by a man and a beast can hear a burst of bizarre laughter like being pinched in the throat, the two shake their eyes around but nothing found, between the eyes back but suddenly found that the two chairs above some time, has been sitting on two black shadows ……