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His Destined Path Chapter 3483

Han Qianqian was really slightly startled by this sudden one.

However, this is only temporary.

A few moments later, Han Qianqian readjusted his mood and posture, staring closely at the two black shadows.

Under the firelight jump, Han Qianqian could not see clearly the exact appearance of those two black shadows.

“Excellent, excellent, really excellent.”

An eerie voice like that of a hanging ghost suddenly sounded, its voice was so evil that one could not help but have a feeling of having one’s teeth stretched.

“I thought that the door to the Moon Palace would never be opened, and I thought that we were doomed to spend the rest of our lives in a deep sleep for all eternity.

The voice fell, another eerie voice sounded, compared to the voice of the hanging ghost, this voice is much lower.

It is somewhat like who took the abrasive paper on the ground and frantically rubbed to create the sound in general.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly and just looked at the two black shadows indifferently, listening to them while secretly observing the surroundings to deal with the danger that might appear at any time.

“What’s your name.” The hanging ghost voice asked.

“Han Qianqian.” Han Qianqian replied.

“Han Qianqian.” The Hanged Ghost repeated, followed by a nod: “I will take this name seriously, after all, whether for you or for me, it means a lot.”

The grinding sand voice also sounded appropriately: “When you die, we will carve your name inside the Moon Palace to commemorate your having been here. This is the supreme glory and the greatest achievement in your life.”

“Then dare I ask you two what your names are again?” Han Qianqian laughed.

When the Hanged Ghost smiled, he just laughed, but with unusual disdain, saying, “Are you qualified to know?”

“Huh!” Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh and shook his head: “If you are not qualified, pull down, do you think I want to know more? I ask you, but also out of courtesy, the so-called courtesy, since you want to leave my name after death as a recognition, then I should also be after you disappear, dig a hole to make a grave for you to leave some shadow well.”

“Since you do not want to stay, that’s good, I also save you digging a hole to make a grave.”

As soon as the words fell, the grinding sand voice burst into laughter: “Brat, you are really quite wild ah, actually dare to say such things in front of us? If it were anyone else, I can tell you very responsibly that he will be bruised by me and die without a burial place.”

“But to you!” He smiled: “I won’t be angry. Because the fact that you have made it this far also means that all those fourteen goods outside have been taken care of by you, and you have capital worthy of your high pride.”

The Hanged Ghost laughed: “But one’s madness should also be moderate, otherwise, one would be ridiculed for having no insight and being a frog at the bottom of the well.”

“Do you think that the two of us are comparable to those fourteen trash goods outside? You, ah, never know how terrifying the real power really is.”

“Be a good boy and apologize to both of us, and for the sake of the fact that I kinda like you kid so far, I can guarantee that you will still leave your own name and glory here.”

“Besides, you can at least die a little easier.”

After saying that, he once again let out his really anti as if his throat was crushed general weird laughter, listening to Han Qianqian is goose bumps a wild bubble.

“Then I also look at you two attitude on the part of still relatively good, also give you one last chance, if you are obedient to leave the name, the Moon Palace disappeared when, at least you two can still fall a death after the place, not to be cold and clear.”

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The words fell, Han three thousand still a not humble momentum, the eyes are even filled with a faint color of joy.

The two black shadows were silent for a moment, and a few moments later each other double laugh, grinding sand tone bitter laugh: “It seems that you kid like, is the penalty wine.”

Inside the house, all the lights suddenly began to flash wildly, the eerie atmosphere is also crazy and now ……