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His Destined Path Chapter 3484

Han three thousand endowment gas condensation, eyes deadly sweep around, while the hand jade sword also lightly floating into the hand, ready for battle.

Along with the bizarre higher and higher, suddenly, directly in front of the chair of the two jumping fire fiercely extinguished, two black shadow also hidden in the darkness.

The rich fishy smell became more pungent, and the bone-chilling Yin Qi suddenly came from all sides.

“Be careful.”

Han Qianqian angrily shouted, a palm of the evil Taotie directly pushed away, while his own body also violently a tilt.

“Brush brush!”

Almost as soon as a person and a beast to get out of the way, several black shadows also in a moment to cross the body, the evil of the Taotie because of Han Qianqian’s force a push and between the millimeter completely dodged, but suffering at this time Han Qianqian, immediately felt a heartache, low eyes to see between the waist clothes were actually all torn into pieces.

If not for the imperishable Xuan armor and frost jade armor for protection, Han Qianqian believes that this alone will be enough to make himself completely incapacitated.

“What a powerful black shadow.” Han Qianqian frowned, could not help but lightly exclaim.

And then low eyes to look ahead, leaping over the black shadow but already hours in the light of the flickering light.

“Be careful, hide behind me when necessary.” The evil Taotie said a sentence, Han three thousand eyes tightened, more vigilant look around.

The evil Taotie low deep roar, and not to refute Han Qianji, slightly let the body followed behind Han Qianji, a large eye also vigilantly sweep around.


Another gust of gusty wind, several black shadows in the light flicker again attacked.

Despite adequate preparation, but the naive is, these guys appeared in a very paradoxical direction, and the speed is strange, not to mention attacking them, is simply the defense also seems extremely difficult.

Brush, Han Qianqian’s face immediately left a deep bloodstain, blood along the bloodstain soon stained half of the face.

“Ho ho ho, how about it, brat, does it feel completely different from the bunch of losers out there?”

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“But don’t be surprised and don’t be afraid, this is just the beginning.”

Seeing Han Qianqian was wounded one after another, two voices sounded again, the tone among them was full of deep sarcasm.

Han Qianqian did not pay attention to them, not to mention the injuries on his body, but just stared at the surroundings with dead eyes, as if thinking about something.

See Han Qianqian did not answer, the two are also quite bored, around the lights jumped more fierce, between the gusts of wind, and can even hear the burst of ghosts and wolves howling.

And these ghostly cries, Han Qianqian very clear, but only those two guys changed a way to mock themselves.

The more at this time, the more Han Qianqian is clear that he has to maintain his own calm and keep his own rhythm.

He just took a slight breath and adjusted his breathing, then made no more movements and was ready to defend at any time.


The cloudy wind rose again!

“Still want to come?!”

“Heavenly Fire!”

With a roar of anger, the Heavenly Fire fiercely appeared in Han Qianqian’s hand, and as Han Qianqian punched out, the Heavenly Fire also followed the trend and punched directly upwards.

Only, with the sky fire all the way and rushed, and in the head a dozen meters after the temple roof explosion, all the way through, neither hit anything, nor hit anything, just with the explosion and light in all directions.

“sh*t, I thought by you kid guessed what, as a result, you are also blind f*cking blind ah.” Hanging ghost’s voice almost in the Han three thousand sky fire hit empty a moment, timely sounded belonging to his sneer and mockery.

But at this time, Han Qianqian has no intention to pay any attention to him, his hand quickly hold the jade sword again, between the turn is a sword directly cut.


A miserable scream rang out, under the sword, a shadow made of black gas has been cut into two halves.



The two mocking voices cried out in shock almost simultaneously.

Han Qianqian coldly laughed, a hand with the evil Taotie, a quick step between the feet, the next second has appeared in another direction, the jade sword in the hand again a slash.

And then the evil Taotie followed, but also fiercely aimed at an angle directly a claw stomp down.

Two miserable screams again, and in a man and a beast, a sword and a claw, a cloud of black smoke also followed and scattered ……

At this time, Han Qianqian, then raised his head, looking in a certain direction, revealing a faint smile ……


The hall, also at this time suddenly bright ……