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His Destined Path Chapter chapter 3485

After the formation of the explosion, the heavenly fire quickly re-consolidated, and then instantly under the transformation into a fire dragon, directly from the surrounding walls on the flames swept.

After that, these lights instantly under the tendency to stabilize, the brightness of the entire hall also completely maintained stable.

“The speed of the black shadows is indeed fast, but without these lights as a cover, how fast can they be?” Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

“You ……”

Obviously, Han Qianqian’s words hit the other side straight to the heart of the matter, the two men’s voices no longer have the slightest hint of arrogance from earlier, each were angry and mute on the spot.

He was right, the speed of the black shadow is indeed fast enough, but if faster speed is needed, it needs the help of hiding between the flickering lights.

If under the lights, these black shadows also lose protection and hide, the threat is also really greatly reduced.

At least, it is true in terms of targeting the guy in front of you who can get here through the layers of obstacles.

“Good, interesting guy.”

The grinding sand voice gently laughed, and immediately after Han Qianqian directly in front of the place, a black shadow slowly reappeared.

Han Qianqian also finally at this moment, completely see clearly the guy in front of him.

Although he has a human form, but the whole body is completely like mercury made of water-like objects, he does not have five senses, but speak between the mouth and eyes, looks extremely bizarre.

And almost at the moment he took shape, before the original chair, also the same figure appeared, with that mercury man in general, his whole body is also completely water soft and made, but the whole body is on the transparent side, you can even see through his body, see what is behind him.

My mythical submission of the diaphragm-shaped paper with the wisp of a wisp of a wisp of a diaphragm. /p>

Like the mercury man, he also automatically outlines his features as he speaks, but between not moving, and exactly like a humanoid water droplet.

The two looked at each other, and immediately after, the water bead man looked at Han Qianqian in a cold voice and laughed: “You think you think you’re pretty unimpressive with that point you just made?”

“It’s just a joke with you.”

“The real cruelty is only just beginning now.”

Han Qianqian also laughed: “These words, likewise for you, when the party was just now, it was just a show for you to perform.”


With these words, the two water people suddenly burst towards Han Qianqian.

Their speed was as fast as a flood!


In just a blink of an eye, two figures appeared in front of Han Qianqian, and each of them clenched their fists and struck Han Qianqian directly in the face with great force.

Han Qianqian is also not polite, the jade sword in his hand, the whole person also directly towards the front lunge.

The evil Taotie also roared, followed by Han Qianqian to fight side by side!

The body of the Taixu body step a move, Han Qianqian in the nick of time suddenly side dodge the water bead man’s fist.

“Seventy-two ways divine sword!”

As soon as the words fell, taking advantage of the momentum of dodging, Han Qianqian let out a loud shout, holding the jade sword to directly attack the water pearl man who was completely close to him.

In this way, it will be completely without any defense to speak of, for Han Qianqian’s seventy-two divine sword, naturally as the meat on the chopping board, but at will to pinch.

However, Han Qianqian is not the slightest bit happy, he believes that the strength of the twin gods of the moon is definitely not so, can be in such a short time within the round will be completely knocked out by himself.

Over there, the Evil Taotie also roared and directly pounced on the other side of the mercury man.



Two crisp sounds rang out at the same time, the sword had broken the mercury man, the evil taotie claw also opened the mercury man.


But just as one person and one beast both broke their opponents greatly, each penetrating their bodies and making their bodies explode into a group of water beads, Han Qianqian suddenly cried out in great alarm.

Between the words, those water beads suddenly reunited directly in a moment and reunited to form almost right next to Han Qianqian.

“Oh no.”

Han Qianqian suddenly realized that something was wrong, but it was obvious that it was already completely late.

The distance between the two is too close, Han Qianqian want to break free have been completely too late, with the water bead man condensed into a huge fist has come, Han Qianqian understand, he can no longer hide.



Two huge muffled sounds, Han Qianqian and the evil Taotie also fiercely heavy across the fly out, smashed on top of the brick surface, hard to make the surrounding bricks all cracked.

Han Qianqian strong pain, forcibly turned over and raised his eyes, the whole person suddenly dumbfounded ……