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His Destined Path Chapter 3486

The two figures in mid-air, has disappeared ……

Han three thousand know this time is the most tense moment of attack and defense, so it was under the huge impact still choose to quickly rise from the ground, in order to hurry to raise their eyes to observe the enemy.

But even if it is already so fast, but let him still feel desperate and shocked, the two figures but still has disappeared ……

At this time, Han Qianqian suddenly heard a small sound, low eyes, but found that the next but a drop of water from the top of the temple fell on the ground.

Han Qianqian just want to exhale, but a fierce moment but the whole person face blue, he suddenly realized what!

The next second, he hurriedly tried to get up, but almost in the instant he just moved, the drop of water that fell on the ground also fiercely converged, and in a moment it directly condensed, and then fiercely transformed into a human figure, full of power fist also came with a blast.

This punch is extremely powerful, although Han Qianqian already wanted to get up, but finally reflected when it was already too late.

With a loud bang, his entire body was directly knocked several meters, hit the wall behind the cracked after, only then spit a mouthful of blood, hard to stop.

Before Han Qianqian can stabilize his mind, there is a loud bang, the mercury man also suddenly appeared in the side of the evil Taotie, followed by a punch out, directly it will also be knocked away to.

Almost the same as Han Qianqian, its body also hard smashed behind the wall cracked before stopping.


Looking at a person and a beast in a few moments has been beaten into such a state, the two water people look at them is cold disdain.

“How about it, Han Qianqian, is it fun?”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

This is a very good way to get the most out of your business. /p>

Hearing this, the two men looked at each other in confusion, and did not seem to anticipate that by this time, Han Qianqian actually had the courage to speak tough: “For the two of us, you …… are just a plaything in your hands, you are still qualified to shout in front of us?”

“Young man, out walking in the jianghu need to know to rely on the skills, not your mouth.”

The water pearl man’s words, the mercury man also coldly laughed: “The two of us just a slight raise of the hand, you already so, tsk ……”

“Oh, young people let a little you old people well, this is a virtue, respect for the old, you really still take these things as a high dynasty?” Han three thousand strong pain stood up, looking at the two water people disdainful sneer.

“Good, have a personality, talk enough, but, old me like.” The mercury man sneered in slight anger.

“Give him a pain, I also quite like this stubborn donkey-like young man, although the mouth stinks a little.” The water pearl man laughed.

As the two men spoke, they suddenly rushed towards Han Qianqian again.

The speed was as fast as invisible.

Han Qianqian directly gritted his teeth to endure the pain, his body fiercely transported his whole body energy, facing the two people’s attack, the whole person fiercely true energy released, directly against.

The two water people are very fast, psychedelic, Han Qianqian is by no means stupid, wild rush between the body pulled out eight golden body, sword rain down, imperishable Xuan armor and frost jade armor with energy to wake up, directly to a full offensive defense!

“I don’t care how ghostly you are!”

A roar of fury, the two sides of the people officially into the engagement!

Steeply, the entire palace fire, Yin Qi leap, the clash of heavenly thunder and earthly fire in order to make the entire space killing intent soaring.

The water man’s side of the attack is extremely ghostly, and the move is sinister and deadly.

Han Qianqian side is wide open, both offensive and defensive, very domineering. But unfortunately, this never allows Han Qianqian can occupy any advantage in front of the two.

The reason is very simple.

Almost as just now, even if Han Qianqian effort and strength to attack the two, and even directly hit the two, but the two body is like water, directly broken to dissolve Han Qianqian’s attack, and then violently recovered to restore the original state, and can be based on this rapid counterattack on Han Qianqian.

If not for the fact that Han Qianqian was indeed perverted at the defensive end, I’m afraid he would have been beaten to death by these two.


The two men stopped slightly, looked at Han Qianqian, and laughed: “You are a bit fierce, but unfortunately, your skills are just child’s play in front of us. You’d better surrender and wait for death, right?”

“Pedestrian?” Han Qianqian gasped and laughed lightly, the energy in his body began to roll, driving his body, the green light appeared: “Is that so?”

The words fell, the green light exploded!!!