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His Destined Path Chapter 3492

“You ……”

“You ……”

From the incomparably shocked pupils of the water bead people, but at this time it is clearly visible, Han Qianqian moved!

Yes, not only even the water bead man could not believe it, even the mercury man, who was watching the battle not far away next to him, also had his pupils fiercely open, obviously hard to believe and hard to understand for this scene.

“This guy… how is this possible?” The mercury man shouted in disbelief.

He hit the wall like that, even the true God’s body is difficult to survive the cold stone hard hit. The fact is also true, in the face of his divine beast by their own two crazy target between, he can only sit helplessly on the wall, these are enough to show that he was completely lost in battle.

But now and how will ……

And how will not only have the ability to send out the spell, but also …… can also get up to attack?

Those defenses should all be the last bit of residual power that he emitted while he was lingering.

“I said, the third time, it may not fail well.” Han Qianqian smiled fiercely and clenched a large fist in his hand.

“You!” The water bead is popular knot, he really needs a little time at this point to dissolve Han Qianqian this square talisman seal control, naturally, in the face of Han Qianqian so close to the attack will be difficult to hide for a time.

But, so what?

“Do you really think that if you hit me, you will win? Joke, it’s simply a big joke.”

“Let alone letting you throw one punch, even if I let you throw ten punches, what can you do to me? In my eyes, there is no difference between you and your beast, but both are just trash.”

“Come on.”

“Oh, ten punches?” Han Qianqian smiled gently, “That’s not necessary.”

“Because I’m afraid you won’t be able to withstand even one punch.”

With these words, Han Qianqian raised his hand in a big fist, and the energy in his body was wildly raised.

The green light dissipated and a fiery red glow began to envelop his entire body.

Han Qianqian swung his huge fist, and in the next second, the huge fist was instantly fiery red, like a burning red branding iron.

“Hmph, bluffing.”

The water bead man did not care, Han Qianqian could not help him before, and now, having lost half of his life, it is even more impossible to help him, so why should he be afraid?

“Come on.”

“Come on, come on!”

The words fell with a roar of anger and a huge fist swung down.

The air around him was being torn apart!

Looking at this fierce fire-red fist, not only the water bead man who was struck near suddenly opened his eyes wide, even the distant mercury man could completely feel the huge energy that this fist carried.

He really can’t believe, Han Qianqian this guy will be in a flash, suddenly as full-blooded resurrection general, crazy incomparable.

Moreover, the most important thing is that his heart at this moment some strange uneasiness, this kind of emotion, as a rule, he has not had for a long time, and even because too long without such a mood and for a time do not even know what happened to him.


And almost at the same time, the huge fist with its crazy energy struck directly at the water bead man.

The diaphragm is the first of its kind in the world. /p>


In the next second, as before, the water man’s body really turned into countless small water beads under the heavy blow, and in a moment it seemed to completely dissolve Han Qianqian’s fatal blow.


However, at this point, a murmur began to suddenly, Han Qianqian stagnated there around the fiery red fist, also rose up a curl of light smoke.


If the previous mercury man held a playful attitude to watch the battle, watching a good show, then at this moment, he completely lost the previous kind of leisure and self-congratulation.

On the contrary, at this time he was all wrapped up in shock, and even, fear.

Because he has found that those scattered water droplets, or water droplets that can reorganize their bodies, are now evaporating under Han Qianqian’s fist.

“This …… this can’t be.” He took a step backwards in shock, and looked at the scene in front of him with disbelief.

“Although our body is water, but definitely not ordinary water, you want to fire blast roast, this is simply a fool’s dream.”

Hearing his words, Han Qianqian slightly raised his head, looked at the mercury man, disdainful smile: “You are not ordinary water, then is my fire is ordinary fire?”

The words fell, Han Qianqian’s hand rose again, and boom, the right hand became more red.

“Unless ……” the mercury man suddenly remembered something.

“Unless what?” Han Qianqian looked at him with a cold smile ……