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His Destined Path Chapter 3493

“Unless it’s ……” the mercury man looked at him coldly, but the more so unless, the more impossible it is ah.

Han Qianqian did light up the whole house with a strange kind of heavenly fire, but he had also observed that the fire was theoretically a threat to theirs.

If they are wolves, that fire is a tiger.

Unfortunately, Han Qianqian is obviously not proficient in it, his cultivation is simply not good enough to say that it is a tiger, but at best, it is just a young tiger that has not been weaned, so what is there to fear?

So, he should not be able to suddenly burst out in a short time the crazy growth of this fire, right?!

“Could ……” the mercury man suddenly thought of something, eyes obviously a fear, and again backward step, dead look at Han three thousand.

And almost at this time, Han Qianqian fist around the water beads also in the evaporation of half after the remaining half of the other half at this time quickly between the re-coalescence of a human form.

Only, this re-coalesced human form is no longer the kind of wet and slippery.

It has a whole human form, but half of it is like boiling water, not only the color and other parts of the different, and even itself is constantly smoking.

“You b*****d.” The water bead man roared in anger, looking furious, but the mouth is fierce, but the body is unusually honest, not into, but back.

Han Qianqian’s blow just now had almost completely destroyed nearly a third of his torso, leaving him extremely seriously injured.

He was furious, but at the same time, he had to regain some new knowledge and vigilance towards Han Qianqian.

He looked at the mercury man, but at this time the mercury man seemed to look at Han Qianqian into deep contemplation.

Han Qianqian also did not even bother to look at the angry roar of the water bead man, only to look back at the mercury man with the same unafraid and smiling eyes: “Is what?”

By Han Qianqian’s words awakened, the mercury man is instantly back to his senses, coldly looking back: “This is never possible.”

Han Qianqian smiled gently.

“No, no, no, never.” The mercury man shook his head and took several steps back, obviously, he was unable to accept the possibility that he had in mind.

When the Water Pearl Man saw this, he looked at the Mercury Man in disbelief, he had already been injured by Han Qianqian and was irritated in his heart, now looking at some cowardly and scared performance of the Mercury Man, he was even more nauseous and could not help but say in discontent, “What exactly do you want to say.”

When the Mercury Man saw that the Water Pearl Man was angry, he could not help but say helplessly, “Do you still remember Liang Han and his gang.”

“A bunch of inferior True Gods, remembering or remembering, it really doesn’t matter.” The Water Pearl Man said disdainfully.

To the water pearl people, we are all true gods in the long history of the eight worlds, but each period of true gods for various reasons, there are bound to be weak and strong, it is like Guan Gong fighting Qin Qiong, if we can meet at a certain point, we will be able to distinguish each other’s highs and lows.

My mythical submission of the diaphragm is that the diaphragm is a very small one. /p>

The soul of the true gods in the pond, but there are high and low status, since they are divided by their different strengths.

He can come out in the moon palace, naturally also outside the moon palace of the true gods of the soul full of disdain.

Hearing the disdain of the Water Pearl Man, the Mercury Man was both angry and speechless: “You don’t remember all of them, but how can you forget Liang Han, Ma Jin, and Zhang Hai?”

“Joke, it’s not like the three of them are any great, back in the jungle’s order battle, they were all just defeated under them.” The Water Pearl Man was still full of disdain.

But the words just fell, he seemed to suddenly think of something, the whole person wooden a pause, suddenly looked at the mercury man: “You mean?”

The mercury man did not speak, nodded heavily, quite depressed, put aside this long time, you just think of it?

A moment later, the mercury man let out a long breath: “If you still remember, then you should also remember, Liang Han, Ma Jin, Zhang Hai, although the three are not as powerful as us, but the three of them, but they have something on their bodies.”

“No, no, this is absolutely impossible, this is absolutely impossible.”

The water bead man shook his head frantically, and kept looking at the mercury man between his body even retreating, obviously unwilling to accept all those kinds of things that the mercury man said at this time.

“The three of them are the ones who have those secret arts in their heads, and the only three who can pa*s it directly to others. They have failed in front of him.” The mercury man sighed bitterly.

“Even if it was given to him, there is no way he could learn it.” The Mercury Man shook his head frantically, rejecting the truth.

The Mercury Man let out a bitter laugh and ignored him, only looking at Han Qianqian and saying, “But you learned it by chance, didn’t you?”