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His Destined Path Chapter 3502

As the door slowly opened, a strong musty smell also attacked, at the same time, the previous smell of pungent incomparable fishy smell also more people on the head.

Han three thousand is not exaggerating in the slightest to say that even he himself, even if he has been considered a very good endurance of people, but at this point in the face of this unique incomparable odor, but also really so close to two eyes rolled over, directly stink fainted.

“This smell ……” Han three thousand generally do not want to be rude, but at this time also can not help but ask a mouth.

The mercury man smiled gently, a slight movement in his hand, the entire moon palace in the shaking, the door completely open.

The mercury man took the lead to walk into it, with a boom, within the gate, the surrounding wall fire also rekindled in an instant.

With the light re-appearing, the whole inside of the gate also came into view.

It is still very empty, but there is a huge stone pillar in the center.

The pillar as a whole is square, two meters long and wide, about ten meters high, towering, like a huge sword in the air straight into the very center.

This is the first time that a person has been convicted of a criminal offense. /p>

Pillars around the flow of water slowly from the upper paste on its surface and flow down, it seems that after years of baptism, the walls around the column has been water stains and moss will be born.

“When I got the treasure of the moon from the mysterious old man, I was ecstatic after it was a secret book, so I believed for a time that if I had time, I could certainly use this and other divine skills to unify the world and become the supreme and only master.”

“When I got it, I thought so and did so. When I returned to my family, I began to study it.”

“But what I never expected was that even after I got it, I couldn’t understand what it was saying at all, not to mention cultivating it to help me unify the world, and I didn’t even understand the most basic skin of it.”

Han Qianqian nodded: “But in the eyes of outsiders, you got the divine power, you will certainly become a giant in the future, so ……”

The mercury man interrupted Han Qianqian’s words and nodded heavily: “That’s right, the other two Great True Gods were worried that once I had achieved the divine power, there would be no room for the two of them to exist in the eight worlds, so they joined forces to jointly deal with me.”

The three true gods themselves are a three-legged power, each holding each other in check, so they have been able to make each other’s position tends to be stable, but once an external force breaks this routine, so that it produces an imbalance, naturally, everything is also chaotic.

“I have not yet completed my divine skill, it is difficult to resist the combined attack of the two of them, although the first few battles have relied on family strength to barely resist, but I know very well that this is not likely to last long, so I must think of other ways.”

Han Qianqian frown slightly locked, although he has not said, but Han Qianqian probably can already roughly guess, this other way is what.

“By a chance, I arrived here.” With a sigh, the mercury man looked at the stone pillar in front of him.

Han Qianqian was silent, and his heart could not help but feel a lot of emotion.

The mercury man came here with hope, but I’m afraid he could never have imagined that what awaited him here was only full of despair.

Not only did he not get what he wanted, but he was left here forever, his body dead, his soul trapped.

“Before you came, I was filled with resentment, yes, I admit I was greedy, but am I the only one in this world who is greedy again? Why should my greed be met with such grievous vengeance! I haven’t slaughtered anyone, and I haven’t done anything to harm God, so why should I be treated like this?”

“I am resigned and even filled with rage.”

The mercury man said this, paused slightly, and then, looked back at Han Qianqian: “Until you came, after knowing that you know the three great divine techniques, I was relieved.”

“Maybe it’s not that I did anything wrong, but, maybe from my birth in to becoming a god, even including accidentally capturing the treasure of the moon, it was all just providence.”

“In that case, I will complete my last task and play my last role.”

With these words, he took one of Han Qianqian’s hands, and with a movement in his hand, he drew a moon-shaped white light mark on Han Qianqian’s palm: “From now on, I officially declare that you, Han Qianqian, are the owner of this Hall of the Moon.”