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His Destined Path Chapter 3503

Han Qianqian was stunned, and the entire person immediately drew back his hand in a hurry and shook his head, “How can this be?”

“Since the Treasure of the Moon is the heart and soul of the senior, how can Han Qianqian take it for himself?”

The mercury man laughed softly: “Life does not bring, death does not bring, let alone I can not read it, even if I read it, what can I do?”

“Besides, as I said, my destiny in life is to get this thing and deliver it to you, I have already completed most of the steps, there is no reason for you to let me destroy it at the last crucial moment.”

“This ……” Han Qianqian was in some difficulty.

Especially after knowing the past of the Moon’s Treasure and the Mercury Man, Han Qianqian was really embarra*sed to take such a thing.

After all, the Mercury Man had even paid too big a price on it.

The mercury man laughed and slapped a palm on Han Qianqian’s body: “This what this? Don’t be too happy. Although this thing is yours, it may not really belong to you. Maybe, like me, you are just a predestination for transportation.”

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“Right? Take it.”

Han three thousand shook his head: “I do not believe in this thing of predestination.”

“Only when you are strong enough, you can control your own destiny, you are qualified to say that you do not believe in predestination, understand?”

“Weak people will always be nothing more than pawns in the hands of the strong, tools in the hands of the rich.”

Han Qianqian nodded, but the mercury man’s words made sense.

Not to mention here, even in the Earth people, most of those ordinary people are also leeks in the hands of capitalists, and those small countries are only pawns in the game of the big powers.

Only if you are strong enough, you can not be used by others, the arrangement.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian also no longer more concessions, excessive modesty is obviously hypocritical: “Since the words are said here, then Han Qianqian thanked senior.”

The mercury man smiled and nodded slightly: “Things are not given away for nothing, I have a request, I hope you can agree.”

“Please speak.”

“My name is Du Shuiyue, the one you killed is called Zhang Guoshi, if you can really leave this place in the future, I hope you can move my grave out and bury me in the City of the Sea in the Eight Worlds, that is my hometown, I wish to return to my roots.”

“Han Qianqian understands.”

“Good, since it’s yours, open it yourself, it’s almost dark, it’s time.”

The words fell, the mercury man slightly let go, retreated to Han Qianqian a few steps later, leaving Han Qianqian alone facing the stone pillar.


The mercury man closed his eyes, and his mouth began to recite some strange incantations, and as he began to recite the incantation, above his head, there was a sudden boom.

With the uppermost part of the pillar, a skylight slowly opened, and it is through this skylight, into the night outside, the moon hanging high, bursts of moonlight then scattered throughout the stone pillar.

Stone pillar as if clothed in a silver dress, beautiful, Han Qianqian can see, in front of their own place, the silver pillar above a darker color, brighter moon pattern.

The size of it seems to be comparable to the size of the moon pattern drawn on his palm.

Thinking about it, Han Qianqian looked at his palm, and in the next second, stretched out his hand to make contact with the moon-shaped pattern on that silver pillar.

As soon as the two moon marks came into contact, a huge silver-white light suddenly shot out from Han Qianqian’s palm, instantly soaking the entire silver pillar.


Subsequently, this light shone violently, and after this shine, all the light completely merged into the silver pillar.


As the light was completely incorporated, the silver pillar quickly returned to its original appearance of a stone pillar, and everything, it seemed, became extremely quiet.


But just after a short period of calm, the stone pillar suddenly appeared a long gap, and a door arc was outlined there.

In the next second, as Han Qianqian drew back his hand, the door on that stone pillar also slightly opened ……