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His Destined Path Chapter 3514

I saw Han Qianqian figure suddenly transformed, illusory, and then suddenly disappeared in place.

When the six monkeys stare, do not know who the goods will choose as unlucky to do a sneak attack, directly make a defensive posture, ready to resist when the six monkeys but suddenly did not feel any intention of attack.

Shaking eyes to see is feeling strange when the six divine monkeys but suddenly reflected what, in a hurry to turn back, indeed, behind them a golden light has rushed out very far, is towards the jade monkey fast attack.

The six monkeys were shocked, have force will ring their golden body to break free, which is almost not much force, because those golden body at this time also because Han three thousand to collect force and their own annihilation.

But at this time they want to catch up again but obviously extremely difficult, but only after a distance of a dozen meters, there Han Qianqian has already turned over, a jade sword directly on the neck of the jade monkey.

The jade monkey did not think about running, but Han Qianqian has long been expected to be so.

Therefore, when flying over, Han Qianqian immediately withdrew his golden body, and directly used his own single body to promote the Taixu divine step, and increased his power to directly stop the jade monkey in a steady and accurate manner.

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Seeing the long sword on the neck of the jade monkey, this fierce six monkeys suddenly stopped, have opened their hands, indicating Han Qianqian do not mess around, they do not carry aggressive at this time.

“You lose.” Han Qianqian blandly looked at the jade monkey, cold voice and said: “Of course, you can also not admit the number, start again, anyway, in this illusory scene, we do not bother each other, but just think of ways to attack each other and waste some time.”

“It seems that you seem to see the point.” The jade monkey laughed softly, without the slightest fear.

“I once almost thought I was really fighting, but when I thought about it, I understood.” Han Qianqian said.

“Hahahahaha!” The jade monkey laughed softly and lowly, nodded, and almost instantly, the six divine monkeys, which had been exceptionally majestic, turned into a burst of light smoke and disappeared in place.

“Good, this is a fantasy game, with what you and I think in our heads to match the actual situation.”

“Since you have already seen it and won, naturally, there is no need to play any further.”

“Anyway, I’ve seen enough of your performance.”

Between the words, the jade monkey completely disregarded Han Qianqian’s sword on his neck, and leisurely made a slight turn, walking towards the tree.

Han Qianqian put away the jade sword, from the beginning to the end he also did not have the slightest intention to kill the jade monkey.

“Attack and defense, facing siege can also be in danger without chaos, quite cultivation and ability but also know not to do with brute force, good nature.”

“The only drawback is that the proficiency is not enough, each skill is in a budding state, unable to play the skills it should have.”

“Just like a small child who has just learned to walk, if you meet an ordinary opponent, you can use your intelligence and the cooperation of your understanding of the dharma to gain the upper hand, but ……”

Han three thousand out: “But in the face of real experts, absolute strength before, everything is just empty talk.”

This point, Han Qianqian himself is very clear, and he never denied these facts.

Moreover, Han Qianqian does not think that facing up to his own shortcomings is something to be ashamed of, on the contrary, in Han Qianqian’s eyes, facing up to his own problems can only be more helpful to help him solve them.

“Good, although your cultivation level is high, but the precipitation is too little, so that the body is now mixed.” The words fell, he backhanded a move, a grabbed a pile of small withered tree trunks on the ground.

The trunks are not big, each one is only half the size of a small thumb, but there are seven or eight of them in the shape of a tree, which he leaped in his hand, but not neatly.

“It’s like this twig.” The words fell, his hands slightly force, those in the hands of the branches will break a lot.

“But ……” he smiled, his hands moved again, once again grabbed a handful of branches, while fiddling, while saying: “But if you can smooth them into a bundle, what would it be like? ”

The words fell, he handed the smooth branches to Han Qianqian, at the same time, with a slight smile in his eyes: “Are you interested?”