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His Destined Path Chapter 3515

Han Qianqian frowned: “You have a method?”

“Didn’t I just set the branch right?” He asked rhetorically.

Han Qianqian’s face was full of helplessness.

“Okay, just messing with you.” He smiled, then walked towards the distance, “Since you’re interested, then come with me on a journey.”

With these words, he did not care whether Han Qianqian agreed or not, and with a stomp of his legs, he leisurely walked towards the distance.

Han Qianqian hurriedly followed.

One monkey, one person, one in front and one behind, then it is all the way forward, through this fruit forest, towards a high mountain not far away.

Here is worthy of the earthly fairyland general place, two people traveled about ten minutes, but only to see the surrounding wonderful God scenery is each characteristic, never repeat.

This kind of place, really exist in the imagination, simply should not be the reality of the existence of the place.

The jade monkey seemed to see through Han Qianqian’s mind, walking in the forefront without looking back, just a bland smile: “This is not an imaginary world, it was once a real place, it is my hometown.”

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“In fact, the world was originally so beautiful, just because human greed has become bigger, so that their destruction is also increasing. They go out of their way to destroy anything that stops them in order to satisfy their own greed.”

“Well, here we are, take a look at the beautiful mountains and rivers, and see how wonderful everything was here before you humans got your hands on it.”

The words fell, it stood on top of the mountain, looking down, could not help but is open arms, free to enjoy the embrace with the world.

When Han Qianqian also followed and ascended, this eyes, full of the world below the incomparable wonderful scenery, they are vibrant, red flowers and green leaves between the various small animals either running in it, or flying within it, and the surrounding beauty together to construct a different world of flower clams.

Even Han Qianqian, at this time can not help but be a burst of sighs.

It’s really too beautiful.

Jade monkey did not speak, face only with a smile, continue to appreciate everything in front of you.

Quiet one person and one monkey just like that, standing on top of the mountain, overlooking the beauty of the whole earth, a minute pa*sed.

Ten minutes also pa*sed.

Twenty minutes also pa*sed.

Han Qianqian feel almost, but the jade monkey still look, a time he was too embarra*sed to disturb, can only accompany it to continue to see.

Gradually, another twenty minutes pa*sed.

If you say that earlier or out of courtesy, Han Qianqian wait quite patient, then at this time Han Qianqian will be more or less lack of patience.

After all, the scenery is beautiful, but you keep staring at it, it is not the same thing.

Han Qianqian has turned his head several times to look at the jade monkey, but it knows that he has looked at it, but it still does not have the slightest response, the only back, I’m afraid, is a smile before it.

But the jade monkey in their own broken six monkeys after the game, the attitude obviously improved, although not quite how warm to their own, but also did not have any previous aggressive momentum, Han three thousand also so a time is not good to say anything more.

Helplessly sighed, forget it, people want to see that will accompany people to see it, Han Qianqian although do not want to see, but still out of courtesy to continue to look at the beauty of the eyes.

The point is, do not know what to do without looking.

It is still the same world of flowers and greenery, but the mood has changed.

In a way, Han three thousand can only be considered perfunctory and look, from beginning to end did not look carefully.

In this way, another half an hour has pa*sed, Han Qianqian really can not stand it, this if and Su Yingxia look, Han Qianqian not to mention look so close to an hour, is sitting this day he also willingly, but accompanied by a monkey ……

But when Han Qianqian was ready to turn his head to the jade monkey to explain his intention not to look on, turning his head, he seemed to suddenly find something from the beauty, could not help but rush to look again ……