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His Destined Path Chapter 3532

As Han Qianqian walked out of the Moon Pool and headed towards the Sun Pool, as soon as he lifted his feet to leave, water began to gush from the dried up bottom of the Moon Pool, quickly filling it up, strange sounds rang out from the jungle behind him.

When he looked back at the jungle, he saw black smoke spreading from the jungle into the air and then dispersing with the wind.

Han Qianqian knew that it was the resentment of the fourteen True Gods’ souls, Zhang Guoshi and Du Shuiyue, who were here, that had finally been released.

As long as this pool of sunlight was broken again, this place would be completely dissipated and all the spirits of the dead would be put to rest.

Of course, he would also be able to learn something he desperately needed to know from the Poor Man of Heaven, in order to connect all the clues and speculations and complete a holistic connection.

At that time, the fog would also be completely lifted.

With this in mind, Han Qianqian’s eyes were steadfast as he led the Evil Taotie to the boundary that had disappeared ahead.



The City Lord’s Hall.

In the hall, Zhu Yan Shuo sat on it, although his body was unusually straight and upright, in reality, his entire heart was unusually uneasy.

A moment later, a burst of footsteps sounded in front of the hall door.

He immediately hurriedly stood up and looked impatiently at the twenty or so people entering the hall.

“How is it? Is there any news?” Zhu Yanshuo said in an urgent voice.

Those twenty or so people glanced at Zhu Yanshuo and looked at each other, and in the end, they shook their heads with unusual difficulty.

“This Cai Luo City is only such a big place, and almost everyone in Cai Luo City has already gone out, yet there is no news?” Zhu Yanshuo was again annoyed, helpless, and even more puzzled.

“Rice buckets, rice buckets, all of them are f*cking rice buckets, I just don’t believe it, that Han Qianqian has a large group of people with him, how can he disappear with such a big target?”

“Search, keep searching, don’t blame me for not warning you, if you don’t find him, your heads will be ready to f*cking move, all of you, get out.”

The twenty or so people looked at each other, their faces were more than a little bitter, but they could only nod blankly and were about to exit when the sound of footsteps and a cold laugh came from inside the hall.

“Is it useful for you to lash out at them? Even if you really cut off their heads, will Han Qianqian’s group show up?”

More than twenty people, including Zhu Yan Shuo, could not help but look at the sound.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“But …… but that Han three thousand is a huge target, and we have long blocked off this city, he can’t have just vanished for no reason, right? The reason for this is that they have not yet heard from Han Qianqian’s group.” Zhu Yanshuo said in a cold voice.

On the surface, he naturally wanted to catch Han Qianqian for the sake of Ye Shijun, but in reality, he knew in his own heart that he was doing it more for his sister’s sake.

“The truth is, he just disappeared.” Ye Shijun said in a cold voice.

Zhu Yanshuo frowned and said in disbelief, “What does Envoy Ye mean by this?”

It was impossible for a good person to suddenly disappear, not to mention the fact that Han Qianqian had taken a large group of people with him when he fled, how could these people disappear?

It was completely impossible, it was nonsense.

If it were anyone else, Zhu Yanshuo would have smacked him right in the face and told him to stop talking nonsense.

But if it was Ye Shijun, he wouldn’t dare to do anything, even though his words were a bit outrageous.

“Hmph, what is it if the night dog can’t even find out, if not disappeared?” Fu Tian coldly hummed and said disdainfully.

Once he heard about the night dog, Zhu Yan Shuo suddenly did not make a sound.

At the beginning, he was also searching for Han Qianqian in vain, but directly after Ye Shijun dispatched the night dog, there was soon news.

“So right now, what is the point of spending more time and effort to find someone?” Fu Tian asked.

Zhu Yanshuo nodded, this was indeed true as well, but the question was: “And how should we do that?”

Fu Tian did not answer, he just smiled lightly and looked out of the hall with a clear mind.

Following his gaze, almost at the same time, the guards outside the hall were running quickly towards the hall, as if there was something quite urgent and important happening ……