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His Destined Path Chapter 3533


A long shout had been shouted just as the guard was coming up the steps.

According to the rules of the House, generally such as this represented an emergency, a rule that Zhu Yanshuo had personally set, so he knew it better than anyone else.

He glanced at Ye Shijun in confusion, only to see that he, like Fu Tian and the others, only had a faint smile on his face.

Looking back, he could only hurry to look back at the guard who had already rushed to the entrance of the hall to find an answer from him.

“Report to the City Lord, report ……” The guard was obviously exhausted from the wild ride, and was so out of breath that he couldn’t even speak clearly.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Outside the city …… there is a mission coming outside the city, said …… that it is said to be the special envoy of the divine dragon coming.”

“God …… God Dragon envoy?” Once he heard this, Zhu Yanshuo’s entire pupils widened, and his body could not help but tremble, retreating several steps.

If Ye Shijun’s status was already high enough, then this divine Dragon Envoy was, in some ways, much higher than Ye Shijun’s.

Although the position of envoy was still high enough, it was nothing compared to that of the divine dragon envoy.

Because the Divine Dragon Envoy is the only truly god-like position, he is the one who has direct authority over all envoys.

He is responsible to only one person.

In other words, he is under one person and above all others.

But it was unlikely that a top-level big shot like this would normally come to his own place at all, let alone the Divine Dragon Envoy who was responsible for everything day to day.

He was even far busier than any of them, because he was in control of all the envoys, and was naturally responsible for all the internal matters.

In theory, he shouldn’t even leave the main camp, so why would he come all the way to his place?

However, despite his doubts, Ye Shijun did not dare to be rash in the face of the Dragon Envoy, and hastily asked the guard, “Where is the Envoy?”

“He is waiting outside the city, by order of the city lord, no one is allowed to enter or leave without your instructions, so ……” the guard did not say anything further.

“I’ll go.” The first time I saw the door, I said, “What are you all doing here?”

“Hurry up and prepare the palanquin, get up and follow me to welcome the envoy.”

The chamberlains nodded at his words and hurriedly bowed and retreated.

Zhu Yanshuo did not dare to stay long, so he hurriedly went back to the house to change his clothes.

In less than a few moments, the chamberlains had already prepared eight large pride and a long procession to welcome the guests in front of the main hall, during which there were as many as a hundred people in the band, scattering flowers and holding flags.

Fu Tian smiled gently and looked at Ye Shijun, who did not speak for a while, but his eyes already said a lot.

Ye Shijun smiled gently and nodded slightly, “Let’s go, go and join in the fun.”

Fu Tian nodded and with a cheerful wave of his hand, he and Ye Shijun descended from the front of the hall to the greeting party.

He gave Fu Tian a look, and Fu Tian also knew what he was doing, and waited for him to get into the first palanquin that was vacant, but took the second one instead.

Zhu Yanshuo had already mounted a white horse and was dressed in silk.

As he waved his hand, the whole procession ran in the direction of the city gates as the ceremonial weapons sounded.

Ye Shijun seemed completely free from the pain of his broken arm and the pain of being beaten, lying on the palanquin as it swayed, a look of triumph written all over his face.

As he swept his eyes, he saw that Fu Tian was also looking at him with a wicked smile on his face, and Ye Shijun smiled: “What are you so happy about?”

“I am naturally happy that you are happy.” Fu Tian licked meekly.

Ye Shijun did not say anything, withdrew his gaze and looked into the sky in front of him, his smile gradually turned a little sinister: “This thing that was taken away is about to be doubled back, so how can I not be happy?”

“Han Qianqian, I’ll play with you to the end, not to mention that your brat disappeared, even if your brat turned into this air, old me is bound to spit on you.”

The words fell, Ye Shijun’s hand a force, five fingers then instantly issued a cackling crunching sound.

Soon, the east gate had arrived, and with a shout from Zhu Yan Shuo, the entire city gate was slowly opened ……