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His Destined Path Chapter 3534

As soon as the gates opened, outside the gates, four children were at this point holding a lotus platform together on their shoulders.

The lotus platform is about two metres long and has nine layers, each of which is meticulously crafted, overlapping all the way to the top of the platform.

The surface of the platform is made of jade and is surrounded by a curtain, in the midst of which a man is sitting calmly.

He is sitting with his knees in meditation, his hands folded, and a round hat on his head, looking gloomy and eerie.

The four children’s faces were as pale as if they had been smeared with wax, their faces painted red with a disgusting red colour, with a red dot dotted in the centre of their foreheads, and all four children were wearing double braids, like two sky-rushing cannons.

“The Dragon Envoy is here, why don’t you all kneel down quickly?”

As soon as the door was opened, the four children roared coldly, and at the same time, pieces of lotus flowers suddenly fell from nowhere in the sky, surrounding them.

Zhu Yanshuo did not dare to be the least bit careless, so he hurriedly jumped down from his horse and knelt down respectfully towards the lotus flower platform, exclaiming, “Zhu Yanshuo has met the divine dragon envoy, all hail the divine dragon envoy.”

As soon as Zhu Yanshuo knelt down, all the people accompanying the entire procession also naturally hurried to kneel down, chanting in unison, “All blessings to the Divine Dragon Envoy.

Among the crowd, only Ye Shijun, in the second row, was still lying leisurely on top of the palanquin, with only Fu Tian and the other cronies beside him kneeling on the ground like the others.

“Lord Ye!”

Zhu Yanshuo was so striking that, naturally, the people on the lotus platform also saw him, and a light and elegant voice came from within the lotus, like a heavenly song, but surprisingly it was a female voice.

As soon as her words fell, the four children’s feet all slightly forked a little, although the magnitude was extremely small, but it did at least make the lotus platform on their shoulders drop slightly.

Soon, the four children rose again, and in this way, the lotus platform looked like the head of a human being nodding slightly, which was considered as a greeting to Ye Shijun from the Special Envoy of the Divine Dragon.

In terms of position, Ye Shijun naturally needed to kneel and salute, but anyone who was aware of Ye Shijun’s actual status was bound to be polite enough to greet him while the mundane salute could be dispensed with.

“Elder Divine Dragon.” Ye Shijun also smiled faintly and rushed to that lotus platform with a slight arch of his hand in salute.

“Mister Zhu did not know that the divine dragon envoy had missed his welcome, please also ask the divine dragon envoy to condemn him.” Zhu Yanshuo buried his head and said loudly.

“I did not give advance notice of my arrival, so I can be absolved of my crime. Nowadays, the situation in the city is special, so it is better to close the door and be cautious. All of you should rise.

As soon as the words of the divine dragon envoy fell, the crowd shouted its voice yes, and only then did they all obediently stand up.

“The divine dragon envoy has come a long way, please take a rest in the palace.” With those words, Zhu Yan said and shouted at his men, “Rise the palanquin and play music.”

The musical instruments sounded, while the procession automatically retreated into two rows, giving way to an avenue in order to allow the Divine Dragon Envoy and his party to go first.

When Ye Shijun saw that the lotus platform did not move, he smiled gently and made a gesture of invitation, before the four children moved their feet and carried the lotus platform towards the City Lord’s residence.

Although they were carrying the palanquin, they were only on their toes, with their heels dangling in the air, which was very strange and added to the eccentricity.

The speed of the four men was so fast that they were able to travel several dozen metres in one jump.

However, the crowd was not surprised by this.

When Zhu Yan Shuo saw that the Dragon Envoy had gone ahead, he waved his hand and ordered his troops to follow him, beating gongs and drums as he headed for the residence.

At this moment, although the city lord’s residence was not decorated with lights, rows of guards and servants were already lined up in front of the gate.

When they arrived at the main hall of the city lord, the servants in the hall hurriedly made the tea and placed the fruit plates before hastily retiring.

Almost at the same time as they withdrew, the nine-story lotus platform slowly fell down in front of the hall door.

The lotus petals once again fluttered in the sky, and immediately afterwards, the curtain on the lotus platform slowly opened, and the four children knelt down slightly: “Greeting the divine dragon envoy.”

Between the words, the man sitting on top of the lotus platform slowly walked down.

Although she was barefoot, her feet were as white as lotus roots and jade, and she was as smooth as a fairy.

She raised her hand slightly and gently took off her bucket hat ……