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His Destined Path Chapter 3535

Her features are three-dimensional and perfect, with a unique exotic beauty, although there is a thin veil on the face, but can not resist her pair of sky blue like a gemstone eyes, with her blue and white skin, mysterious body and long white legs, all the men present, including the old man who is already a bit old, at this time have the impulse to fight.

The two young men, Ye Shijun and Zhu Yanshuo, had their eyebrows locked, their mouths slightly open, and their eyes stayed hard on her body without moving.

Beautiful, truly beautiful.

Even though her cotton veil was blocking her face, so that people could not see her face clearly.

But when one glimpses the tip of the iceberg, one can see the beauty of the iceberg.

Her figure alone, her dress, the beauty of her skin give people a very spiritual and special yet simple feeling, you can hardly describe it, but there is a sense of comfort in the heat of summer but like a cold breeze.

Even though the two of them had seen a lot and smelled a lot of fragrances, they were still deeply shocked by her beauty and firmly attracted to her.

Ye Shijun couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Although he was on the same boat and had corresponded with the Dragon Envoy, most of the time it was just routine business and he had never seen what the Dragon Envoy looked like.

He had always thought that the other party must be an old man, the kind of old man whose eyes were full of sinister, but he had never expected to hear that it was a woman when they met in the city tower.

It’s understandable that a woman would be the most poisonous of women’s hearts.

So in Ye Shijun’s imagination, this kind of woman should be the type of woman who is middle-aged and ugly.

He could not have imagined that this woman was not only not ugly, but could be described as a heavenly fairy.

He had run away from Xia Wei, and here came this beautiful woman in blue.

Zhu Yanshuo’s eyes were on fire and his mouth was dry. Although the woman’s beauty was cool, his body was like a volcano that had been lit up.

It was clear that this girl, even though she was masked, could excite the wildness of any man.

After sweeping a glance at the crowd, the blue-clothed beauty slowly walked towards the hall with her long and slender legs.

Fu Tian gave Ye Shijun a gentle bump, which made Ye Shijun, who was immersed in beauty, come to his senses, and seeing that she had already entered the hall, he also hurriedly followed her.

Zhu Yanshuo led a group of his cronies and did not dare to slow down in the slightest and hurriedly followed him into the hall.

In the hall, the beautiful woman in blue did not take a seat in the centre, but hesitated for a moment in front of it, as if waiting for something.

But without waiting for her to say anything, Ye Shijun had already farted around and sat down in the seat next to him, obviously giving the main seat to the beauty in blue.

Although the Dragon Envoy’s status was certainly high, it was no match for his son’s status, so it was only natural that the beauty in blue had given some thought before taking her seat. But she did not expect Ye Shijun to act faster, and had already made his intentions clear through his actions.

The beauty in blue withdrew her gaze and, with the help of four children, settled down in the central seat.

“City Master Zhu, I heard that you have encountered trouble.” The blue-clothed beauty lightly opened her vermilion lips, while Ye Shijun’s entire being was hating to see through the veil, expecting to get a glimpse of her true face.

On the contrary, Zhu Yanshuo, at this time can only hurry to kneel down, bitter voice helplessly said: “is subordinate incompetent, this time …… this time not only failed to siege, but also let that group of b*****ds back injury after to escape, subordinate has sent additional manpower all over the city to search, but ……”

Before the words were finished, the blue-clothed beauty suddenly spoke softly, interrupting Zhu Yanshuo’s words, “What’s the use of sending more men if you can’t even find the night dog?”

Zhu Yanshuo was sweating profusely and his whole body was terrified for fear of being condemned, he also knew that he had only just been disliked by Ye Shijun, and saying it again would not change his fate, but what else could he do at this point?!

“City Master Zhu, you’d better shut up.” Just then, Ye Shijun suddenly laughed: “Isn’t this the arrival of the divine Dragon Envoy? Disappear? I’ll see how they can still disappear.”

With those words, Ye Shijun proudly placed his gaze on the blue-clothed beauty ……