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His Destined Path Chapter 3548

The next second, his body accelerated and he rushed towards the jungle in the distance.

The first thing that happened was that the land that was destroyed by fire and water was instantly restored to its previous state.

It was as if nothing had ever happened before.

At that moment, Han Qianqian had already flown to the jungle a hundred miles away and arrived at the scene in a flash, looking for that strange sound.

Looking at the peaceful but somewhat messy place in front of him, there was still an uneaten beast on it, Han Qianqian’s teeth were already clenched.

“Those b*****ds.”

What was obvious was that the Evil Taotie that had gone out to feed should have been taken by these four so-called Heavenly Kings, but in reality, insidious villains.

His eyes snapped cold, and in the next second, Han Qianjiu’s Qi exploded, and his entire body instantly flew straight up into the sky.

A few moments later, he stood steadily in mid-air, his aura already moving around him like a divine Buddha.

As he swept his eyes across the jungle, Han Qianqian roared, “If my beast dies, the four of you mice will be buried with it.”

Only then did Han Qianqian fly down and, without stopping, stride off in the direction of the sun pool.

He didn’t choose to wait, to Han Qianqian, it was just a waste of time, and he didn’t go looking for them. Finding the four guys in this vast jungle was no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

So, the only option he had left was to keep moving forward.

If the four monsters couldn’t help but come out and show themselves, it would save Han Qianqian the trouble of looking for them.

But if they didn’t come out, Han Qianqian didn’t need to worry either.

After the last guy in the pond was destroyed, could those few hide again? Without their last backing, what would they hold on to?

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian quickened his pace and it was only after the sun had completely set that he found a cave to rest in.

Even if he reached the Sun Pond and found the Sun God, it was obviously not a good time to deal with him.

Therefore, instead of doing so, Han Qianqian, who had just experienced a battle with the Four Heavenly Kings, might as well rest where he was.

Both to recuperate while being able to continue polishing what he had learned, and also to count on giving those four monsters a little time to see if they could hand over the Evil Taotie of their own accord.

Although the chances of the latter were almost nil, it was a case of killing three birds with one stone, and a bird is still meat.

After laying a simple boundary in the cave, Han Qianqian went straight back to the cave and sat down, and then, as the jade light gradually rose, Han Qianqian also entered into a complete meditation.

Almost immediately after Han Qianqian had settled down, a few hundred metres away from his cave, in the darkness of the jungle, there was a sudden attack.

In the darkness of the jungle, there was suddenly a faint rustling sound.

“This kid is so smart, he doesn’t even fall for the trap, what should we do?”

“Yes, originally thought that this guy’s divine beast was caught by us, he must be anxiously looking around for us, this jungle is so big, this guy will certainly consume a lot of physical strength if he looks for it, we can take the opportunity to attack him when he is weak, but ……”

But while the opening and process was thought of perfectly, this ending was exactly what several people could never have imagined.

“This guy is a brute, right? We are all already considered cold and ruthless, but if any of us were taken, we would certainly do everything we could to find and rescue them. But this guy is good, he himself followed all the way in the divine beast lost, but actually is unconcerned, as if with nothing happened?”

At this moment, a voice different from the other two said coldly, “He is not indifferent either, didn’t he say that if anything happened to his beast, then he would want us to be buried with him. So it’s not that he doesn’t reflect, but he knows exactly what we’re trying to do with this outburst.”

“sh*t, so what are we going to do in that case? Does he think he’s got us?”

“Yes, he thinks he’s got us.” Under the faint moonlight, the figures of the three monsters gradually emerged.

“f*ck, I’ll bury it right now with a handful of mud.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the earth monster stood up violently, and then intended to get up and go back to settle the score.

Only, he had just taken two steps when a cold sword was placed directly across his throat ……